Around the Bay

Our latest “tourist in our own town” walkabout was around English Bay in Vancouver’s West End. This was one of my favourite hangouts in my youth, in fact this is where I had planned on making my home after graduation but my potential roommate changed her mind and there was no way I could have afforded that neighbourhood on my own, even back in the 80’s.  I did however spend many hot summer days sunning myself planted on a towel in the sand chatting with and admiring the toned and tanned men of the neighbourhood, most of which were in fact (sadly for us girls) gay but fabulous.

The West End just has a real laid-back charm that is hard to resist.

English Bay - March 20, 2011

It had been years since I’d spent any time there though and apart from driving past it on the way out of Stanley Park I’d barely seen it so visiting my favourite Vancouver ‘hood was long overdue. Parking is a bitch and I remembered that there was some parking spots just inside the back-end of Stanley Park right around the tennis courts so that is where we headed. Sure enough we were able to secure a spot not far in and then headed towards the waterfront.  Nearby in the trees adjacent to the courts were literally dozens of Blue Heron nests. Those birds are crazy big and the nests sway quite a bit in the branches of those trees when a bird takes off or lands but I guess they know what they’re doing because they all seem to like this one cluster of trees.

English Bay - March 20, 2011

I didn’t have a super zoom lens on my camera so here’s a shot of the birds I stole from Tom. Quirky looking birds to say the least.

English Bay is home to more of the Vancouver Biennale artworks. I had seen many photos of the laughing bronze statues from China and I had to check them out for sure. They were totally worth seeing and it was funny to watch all the people schlepping around in the muddy grounds posing in front of their favourite statues mimicking their facial and body languages for the camera.

English Bay - March 20, 2011

English Bay - March 20, 2011

I think these guys are my favourites of all the art.

Then there were these oversized engagement rings a little further down the beach. I bet they look cool lit up at night.

English Bay - March 20, 2011

Then there is this one situated right on the sand. I rather like it and it doesn’t look as out of place as some of the artworks, meaning it doesn’t look as if it was placed there to “display” it,  more like it would belong there naturally.

English Bay - March 20, 2011

English Bay - March 20, 2011

The area is also home to a large stone Inukshuk on a small area of land that juts out into the bay. I’m guessing this is more of a permanent addition to the area unlike the Biennale artworks.

English Bay - March 20, 2011

It like most of the other statues is difficult to get a shot of without a person posing or pausing next to it but if nothing else the people are good to illustrate the scale.

It was a sunny day but cool and very windy. I spent most of the time trying to spit my hair out of my mouth. Note to self, need a haircut, the rat’s nest is getting a tad long.

English Bay - March 20, 2011

Tom of course was dressed in his toque and parka and was still frozen ;)

English Bay - March 20, 2011

It was a nice day to finally say our goodbyes to Winter and welcome what is probably going to be a rather rainy Spring, but heck I will take rain over that stupid snow any day!

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