Just In Case

I’m not a big fan of the cases that come with spectacles, particularly as I am a wee bit accident-prone and leaving the safety of glasses which are frankly NOT CHEAP to the mercy of a tiny bit of velcro isn’t ideal. I also have a spotted history with sunglasses which I solved with the purchase of a proper case last year and lo and behold my sunglasses are A.) still in one piece and B.) not scratched. A bloody miracle really, as I generally don’t have them for more than one season (which is why I also bought cheap ones.)

Because I not only bought my regular indoor clear glass glasses but prescription sunglasses it made sense for me to buy a couple of more cases in order to avoid having to take out pair out, have both pairs in my hand whilst struggling to put the unneeded pair in the empty case which would (see my point above about being accident-prone) ultimately result in one pair doing the scratchedy shuffle lens down on some sidewalk or another.

I was very happy with the case for my non-script lenses which I will keep for the odd time I don’t want to wear the prescription pair, so I went back to the same shop to buy the new cases. I also opted to go for cute prints this time rather than some swirly pattern and chose a hedgehog and birdie fabric. While I’m not a huge fan of hearts on anything I can overlook them as they’re not the central focus of the pattern, besides I love hedgehogs.

Kailo Chic Eyeglass cases

Now I just need to stay the hell off Etsy for a while.

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