Lunch and Dinner

I managed to meet up with some of my favourite old coworkers for the “baby” of this particular group’s 40th birthday.  You know you’re getting older when even your other “younger” friends are now well ensconced int their 30’s.  We met up at Joey’s downtown Vancouver and funnily enough were at the same table we were for our little “work” Christmas party. Maybe it is one of the bigger tables in the place or something.  I didn’t see anyone else from the old place when I walked by it which was too bad, but still I had lots of fun with the girls as we always do. The funniest part was when the girl of the hour ended up going to the Chinese Food restaurant we generally spend our dinners out in, obviously some crossed wires!  We sat there having our drinks (Tom drove me to and picked me up from skytrain so whoohoo Bellinis! Yum!) and catching up with the latest news from everyone and then applauded our birthday girl when she finally walked in laughing and looking a bit sheepish. I had the lobster pasta which was good by the way, and afterwards they brought out a cake. Even though we all knew it was coming there were loud groans, everyone was sooo full from dinner. K announced that it was bad luck to not have a piece so everyone took a smile slice and tried to put a slight dent in it. I think I had maybe four small mouthfuls before I gave up. I am soooo not a dessert person, I have no idea how people can eat appetizers, main course and dessert in one meal?

Had a nice relaxy “weekend” with Tom who was starting to recover from his cold and BAM I get hit with a cold.  I haven’t been sick for ages and had been avoiding both Tom and Chris who were both sniffling and coughing around here but despite my best efforts, one of their colds brought me down. I don’t do well sick I have a terrible immune system and colds can really knock me out and can quickly turn into something worse when I’m run down, they also love to stick around longer in my than with some people on average but I’m hoping that this one won’t follow that pattern.

Mon and I also met up with our former former VP and our former former boss (no wordpress those are not duplicate words, they are just me trying to be cute and use a different way of saying previous prior) for lunch again yesterday and had a lovely time catching up since the last time and having some great laughs.  Both of them are lovely gentlemen who obviously care a lot about us, which means so much to both of us and needless to say we both love them to death.   The drive to the restaurant took me again through Burnaby where I grew up and again I found my head swivelling some while driving through different areas of town making note of the changes and smiling at the familiar. I really need to make time to drive around other parts of the city one of these days, including my old neighbourhood, seeing it on Google Street View doesn’t exactly give you the full effect. Some of the neighbours are still there so I will have to be stealth in my efforts or I might find myself at someone’s kitchen table for hours rather than exploring, just like when I used to take the kids trick-or-treating there because it was safer. Man did they ever get mad at that!

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