Roam: Trip to Cannon Beach – Day 2

After a great night’s sleep (hellooooo Tempurpedic bed!) we were ready to put the previous day’s “adventure” behind us and enjoy ourselves. As soon as my eyes popped open I jumped out of bed (or as is necessary when leaving a Tempurpedic bed somewhat regretfully left my imprint and rolled out) to see what the weather would be like for our first foray on the beach. We’d been watching the weather forecast for the days leading up to the trip and it seemed to waver from sun to rain and back again, but the PNW, particularly the Oregon coast is an enigma you can have all of the above in the span of minutes.  Luckily though it looked like it was going to be an overall nice day! I couldn’t help myself, standing there in my jammies I opened the sliding door to a quick blast of cool morning sea air (and quickly shut it again because BRRRR!!)

One room-service breakfast later we set out on our first beach walk. The first glimpse of the ocean when you leave your beachfront room (other than what you see from your balcony) is either through the side entrance or through a walkway that leads to a small boardwalk in front of the hotel, we were closest to the boardwalk so we headed in that direction.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

Where we were met by this… oops!

Cannon Beach - Day 1

So side entrance it is!

The remnants of the previous night’s bonfires were awaiting the cabana dude’s clean up so there were groups of chairs, bottles of wine and plenty of toys scattered around, but otherwise the beach was pretty clean and the tide was out far enough to give a nice expanse of sand to walk both dry and otherwise. It also meant the tide-pools around Haystack rock were exposed and there were plenty of people exploring them, including a group of school kids.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

Tom commented after seeing many of them tear-assing around the rock and stomping their way through fragile eco-systems that you’d think a school class coming to learn about life in a tide-pool would have the teacher controlling the little animals er, I mean children a little yanno? A few dirty looks later the children left (phew) and the anemones and starfish alike breathed a sigh of relief.

We then ran across the seagull pied piper. He was walking with a bag full of what I would assume to be stale slices of bread and followed by a massive group of very hungry and very vocal seagulls.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

Cannon Beach - Day 1

It was all too hilarious until he got a little too close and the seagulls were flapping all around MY head. After this shot I ran screaming from the blobs of seagull poop that were raining down around me.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

Yes I much preferred to take pictures of them from a safe distance, thank goodness for zoom lenses!

Cannon Beach - Day 1

Cannon Beach Day 1

After our walk we headed out to do some shopping and supply gathering. The first stop was in Cannon Beach to do a little touristy-type shopping. #1 on my priority was The Golden Whale, the jewellery store I discovered last year that had all the silver rings. I know I only have so many fingers AND I don’t wear a lot of rings at one time but they are SO NICE AND CHEAP!!!

Five new rings later (including a cute sand dollar) my monkey was fed.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

Well almost, I also bought a pendant of Haystack rock and the needles too.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

We also hit up other local shops and bought the typical hats, sweatshirts and checked out what else there was to offer. While on the beach we had seen a man walking with three Bernese dogs and we ran into them parked outside a local pizza joint.

Cannon Beach - Day 1
One stay command from their “Dad” and all three of these beautiful and well behaved dogs sat outside mostly gazing attentively in through the window hoping for a glimpse of their master, but occasionally glancing over at the idiotic woman using all kinds of silly Scooby-doo-like voices to get their attention.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

We also drove up to Seaside to pick up the foodstuffs we wanted for quick breakfasts. While I appreciate that Seaside exists (for it’s Safeway) and is close enough to drive to from Cannon Beach, I am so ever so grateful that we don’t stay there. It is and always will be to me what I would avoid for a beach vacation. It screams tourist trap. We did walk to main drag and bought a few things there the following day (no picture evidence as I don’t find myself inspired at all!) but it isn’t somewhere we’d spend any amount of time on purpose now we know what it is like.

We had dinner at Dooger’s (which I call boogers for no reason other than the fact I am a 10 year old boy at heart) where we’d meant to try the last time we were in town but never got around to. The place is certainly not fancy by any means but the food is good and the staff there are as nice as can be.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

While I had halibut and chips (half portion because everything in the States always seems HUGE I have come to learn) See? THIS is a half portion!!

Cannon Beach - Day 1

Tom chose to have… spaghetti??? while at the seaside? This proved to be a bit of a running gag through our trip.

“Hurrrrrryyyyy!! I’m HUNGRYYYYYY”

Cannon Beach - Day 1

While we didn’t have a real sunset that evening, the sky did end up being pretty funky before the clouds completely took over, something that tends to be a theme down in those parts.

Cannon Beach - Day 1

We settled down to cuddle up on the couch with our wine and watch a movie. So so could get used to that kind of lifestyle!

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