Slumberland: Trip to Cannon Beach – Day 3

After another fantastic night’s sleep (have I said how much I loved that bed?) we awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to do some more exploring. Not being even the slightest bit of a morning person, waking in that state is nothing short of a miracle really, which has to have something to do with the wonder-bed and the sea air. Just another reason I need to live at the beach.

It was  another of those days that started out overcast, rained as we walked around Seaside and then cleared up again as we did a little driving around the area exploring the countryside. We soon realized that there really wasn’t anything prettier around, so we headed back into Cannon Beach and walked around the town a bit more, hitting up some of the stores we hadn’t wandered through yet.

One of the stores that really stands out in town is Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. Most of the other stores are weathered shingled buildings but Bruce’s (although partially shingled)  is candy coloured and unique…

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

Even down to their doors.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

We found the hours of operation sign amusing, it says “usually open around 10:00″… now that is the life right? Being able to start that late in the day AND not have to be entirely precise about it!

Cannon Beach is a very dog friendly town, not unlike Seattle really. Many of the businesses have water out for the pups they know the tourists bring with them and bring their own dogs to work. Many of them had a very well-behaved dog sitting outside sunning themselves and doing a little people watching. One dog that particularly caught my eye was a very lazy dog in front of the town’s garage. He barely changed positions the entire time we walked around, only getting up occasionally to sniff at the ground and find a fresh warm spot on the concrete. Even when I walked over to talk his picture he barely raised an eyebrow, too much effort!

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

We decided to have pizza that night and as we’d really enjoyed Fultano’s pizza the last time we were in town we opted for that again. Even better, the pizzas are certainly large enough for a small to have left-overs that could be eaten the next day (thanks to the in-room fridge.)

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

It seems there are two competing pizza places in town and everyone kept saying we should try the other one, but we knew we both enjoyed the pizza at Fultano’s and figured why mess with something we like? Maybe next time we’ll try the other place but then again, we’re not pizza snobs.. we are so used to mega-chain pizza everything a little different is a treat to us.

The evening turned out to be warm enough to sit out in the balcony with only a fleece jacket on for the first time.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

We sat shooting pictures and watching the sun begin to set.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

It cast a lovely yellow glow all around and showed promise that the next day was going to be really nice as was predicted.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

When the sun sank in the sky ol’ “frosty boy” went inside, but I stayed on the balcony to catch the evening’s sunset, probably the prettiest we’d seen so far in both trips to Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 2

We’d been determined to catch a spectacular sunset at least once this time and were hoping the next night would be even nicer.

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