Stormy Weather: Trip to Cannon Beach – Day 6

When they call for rain in Cannon Beach they mean it! The coast in spring at the best of times is a, sorry for the overused meteorological term; “mixed bag”, but when the call is for rain best believe it.

The thing is, come prepared for it. We made sure we had the waterproof jackets (though I bought mine down there it was always my PLAN to do so as they are reasonable in the touristy stores..usually around $30 for a warm and waterproof coat) and beach socks. Wellington boots would probably also be a good idea, especially if you’d rather not get your feet wet, but I don’t care. I also brought my waterproof camera, the one I asked for as an Xmas pressie and it would be its virgin run. Well worth it and well worth the fuss to take care of it (you should read the booklet that comes with your waterproof camera CAREFULLY if you want it to keep being waterproof, and you know, working.)

As it turns out the beach was pretty much ours. The resort was quiet anyway being low season and I’m certain most of the resort guests from any of the hotels along that stretch were sitting looking out at the handful of us braving the elements and thinking we had lost our marbles.

The beach must have had quite the turn-out the previous day though judging by the pile of pails left by the seawall waiting to be gathered up by the staff. I love the pop of colour they gave to the overall grey day.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

It was harder to take pictures even with the waterproof camera because the wind and rain made it difficult to see…

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

and the lens got covered in rain which made some of the pictures a little “smeary” but I like them, it adds to the effect and shows that it WAS really wet out there.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

We found quite a few sand dollars that day, but they along with the bigger ones found on Indian Beach were left behind boo :( still, I have the pictures though.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

Here is a video taken while walking around, this wasn’t even the windiest day! That comes a little later on during our trip but it is really hard to hear much of anything but the wind blowing in the small mic built into the camera until we got closer to the shelter of Haystack Rock.

Once there I got to also use the camera in one of the exposed tide-pools. The water was a TAD chilly so I didn’t leave my hands in there too long but I got a couple of good shots considering I was basically blind.Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

I also inexplicably narrated a movie while taking my camera from the windy air above to the water within the tide-pool. Did I really think I could be heard clearly while the camera was underwater? Truth is I wasn’t thinking at all (obviously) but it amused me after the fact and kind of adds to the effect of the video as well.

Unlike most of the people the dogs had a blast regardless or maybe because of the weather. This Dalmatian was a blue-streak, his owner was well down the beach and fruitlessly calling/whistling for him to come back but old spot there would have none of it. He ran without any focus at all, charging up to us and then onto the next couple on the beach and back and forth to the water until HE decided it was time to go back and see his master.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

Then there was this lovely Golden who didn’t stray far from his parents but was sweet and well-behaved while enjoying his beach walk.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

Eventually the chill got through and we headed back towards the warmth of the hotel.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

Cannon Beach 2011 - Day 5

We rinsed the ocean water off our pants and shoes in the nice warm water that Surfsand provides for this purpose (nice touch!) and then somewhat soggily sloshed our way back into our suite. A quick change into our casual clothes and a nice fire warmed us up pretty quickly and we watched the storm continue through the windows.

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2 Responses to Stormy Weather: Trip to Cannon Beach – Day 6

  1. Cannon Beach is wonderful! I went there with my parents last November. It rained almost the entire time we were there, but it was totally worth it for the intimacy and for that sense of having the whole beach to yourself. The Oregon coast is wonderful.

  2. americanuck says:

    Totally agree! I love the fact that Cannon Beach both protects and relishes the small-town feel and you’ve got some terrific places to stay and dine without losing the charm of a quiet beach community. It is our second time there and won’t be our last that is for sure.

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