Shop Till You Drop: Trip to Cannon Beach (er rather make that day trip to Portland) – Day 7

An advantage to a road trip is generally, unless of course you fly to a destination and then rent a car, that you are in your own car and there is no flying involved. Another advantage is if the road trip consists of just two people and your car has a back seat. Why? Well shopping of course, Oregon has no State tax!

Tom’s old car, the Chrysler 300 had a large trunk and a good sized back seat which meant a lot more room for luggage and the flotsam that comes back home with us when on a vacation. The new car is smaller all around so it dictates what we can take with us and what we can take back. Sure we can pile up the back seat on the trip home, as long as we don’t plan on leaving the car to go eat or do more shopping (for more piling!) Our next vacation with the kids, we’re definitely going to have to share suitcases and pack very lightly, good thing the place has laundry in suite! Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself…

We had planned to head over to Portland on one of the rainy days to do some shopping and to eat lunch at the Panda Express. Tom misses Panda, a regular stop for him when he lived in Los Angeles and I have to say I like it too, most mall Chinese food is kind of blah but this stuff is pretty good.

We wanted to make sure we were on the road fairly early to ensure we’d be back before the tunnel construction that added to our day from hell trip down to Oregon. Turns out there was still a lot of construction on the road there and we ended up spending time here and there waiting in line for alternating traffic so the trip took a little longer than it normally would. By the time we reached Portland the sun had popped through the clouds and it ended being a pretty nice day.

Shopping was kind of a bust, we got a few things at the Kohl’s as we generally do and lunch was good and our fortune cookies were right on the money.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Shopping Trip to Portland (Day 6)

Cannon Beach 2011 - Shopping Trip to Portland (Day 6)

I had hoped to find a lava lamp to add to my collection, they are really hard to find up this way and the ones I do find are generally exactly the same as some of the ones I have already or are covered with Bob Marley…turns out Lamps Plus had exactly one left and they had literally just sold it five minutes before we got there. I told myself it was probably one of those Bob Marley ones anyway..

Tom also picked up a couple of bottles of his favourite bourbon (which you cannot get in Canada) so it wasn’t an entire loss. I shot a lot of video that I didn’t bother to upload, it is more for our trip DVD whenever Tom gets that finished and I took a grand total of 7 pictures that day, a lot less than even the last time we were in Portland but then again it was just a shopping trip not a sightseeing trip. We popped by Seaside and picked up a few more essentials and then went back to the hotel. This was the first night we didn’t go for a walk, by then the weather had turned again and gotten distinctly chilly, in fact that night we had a lot of wind and even a smattering of hail. This Spring has certainly been interesting weather-wise all around.

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