Home: Trip FROM Cannon Beach – Day 10

It had to happen, it was time to leave Cannon Beach and head on home. The boys had been house/cat sitting for us while we were away and through we’d been in touch (mostly with Chris because Sean is notoriously bad at checking messages *glare*) I missed them and being in our own place. I was also tired of living out of a suitcase and man-oh-man we were up to our necks in dirty laundry. Clothes always seem to expand when you’ve worn them and take up so much more room dirty. We had all the dirty clothes crammed into plastic bags and loaded in the truck that way and used our suitcases for anything that still remained unused as well as some of the new purchases.

We were pretty much packed up and ready to go from the previous evening. I’d also gathered all the receipts and done the math for the border declaration sorted into categories, I believe in being organized (OCD).

While Tom was getting ready I stepped onto the balcony to take a couple of shots of the beach that morning. Yep it is the same view I’ve seen and taken pictures of every day but each day looks a little different and each day is special to me.

Cannon Beach 2011 - Last morning

There was a mixture of sun and rain but you could tell by the clouds in the sky that the rain was going to win in the end. Once we were ready to hit the road I piled everything by the door as Tom loaded the car. We did a thorough sweep of the place to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind and then walked up to the lobby to check out. As always I was nervous about leaving possessions visible in the back seat of our car, Tom always laughs and says not every place is like back home. Here if you leave a quarter visible it seems some asshole will break your window for it so colour me paranoid!

We made a quick stop at Bruce’s Candy Kitchen to try once again for the caramel marshmallows I promised to pick up but no dice, they were making them BUT wouldn’t be ready for another couple of hours and that was just not gonna happen. I picked up the caramel corn and the chocolate marshmallows instead. (Both went over really well for E’s Mother’s Day present, both my former-former-step-mother-in-law and my former-former-step-sister-in-law who was the lucky recipient, said so on Facebook.)

Once on the road sure enough the rain rain rain came down down down. It wasn’t until we got part-way into Washington State that the rain finally eased up. We had originally planned to stop for lunch a Carl’s Jr. on the trip down but of course that entire day didn’t end up as planned so we’d plugged the address of a Carl’s into Margaret our GPS and had some on the way home. My only previous experience at a Carl’s wasn’t very good because I had ordered a BBQ burger (not realizing it was smothered in BBQ sauce which I hate, duh me!) so I was looking forward to trying it. We’d seen a sign a few years back that Carl’s was planning to come to our neck of the woods but I guess the economy squashed their expansion plans because it never came to be.

It definitely isn’t In-N-Out (my fave) but it was good for a fast food burger and now the mystique was finally lifted from the veil of BBQ sauce.

The "Six Dollar Burger" not bad

I tried to take a pic of Tom enjoying his burger but this was his “I may have Ketchup all over my face” pose instead.

"I might have ketchup all over my face"

They were messy burgers alright. I have this thing where if I wear white I will spill on myself. In this case I had a pink top with a small patch of white and where did the sauce drip? Oh yes.

The only white spot on my clothes and THAT is where the ketchup and mustard drop!

When we were approaching the Canadian border were delighted to see that the wait time was negligible. Score! We were ever so slightly over our limit for being away more than 7 days but it was so slight the tax collected wouldn’t be worth the time it took to process us. We declared the full amount (honest we ALWAYS are, best policy and all that) and declared the tire repair (as you MUST) and because we had no weird things that required to be examined (hence leaving behind the bio-hazard shells).. ooh wait I forgot to mention that. After the big stormy day we had I read online that there was a high fecal coliform rating on the beach and there was an advisory to avoid exposure… ewww! The same day we gathered the bulk of my shells. So not ONLY could you get a trouble for a grain of sand being on a shell bringing it back, they were potentially covered in some bacterial cocktail. No dice! They remained behind thank you very much!

The house wasn’t a total disaster when we arrived home but it certainly wasn’t a showplace either. Chris was home but Sean was over at his girlfriend’s when we arrived. I dug out the presents we had picked up for the boys and gave Chris’ his (he was pleased) and then began sorting through the laundry. I put everything that had come in contact with the water in first on the “sanitary” cycle. Those suckers were going to be cleaned within an inch of their little fabric lives.

The furbabies? Oh they were very happy to see us. The good part about having them remain behind in the home is you don’t come back from vacation to PTSD cats, just clingy I-missed-you-very-much cats. No howling in the middle of the night, no nightmares like they usually have (and we send them to a NICE place! sheesh!) but come this fall when we all plan on heading to Cali… well let’s just say it won’t be the same happy cats.

We had a GREAT time on our vacation. It was really needed after all the stuff that had gone on the end of the previous year up until just before we finally planned to go. Life had been chaotic and full of a lot of change and worries I had really gotten too much up inside my own head. It was nice to reboot and come back refreshed as well as enjoy some “couple-time” that is important when you still have kids, even mostly grown up ones… or maybe especially when you have mostly grown up ones, in your house.

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