For Best Results

That, my friends, was a long week. I hate waiting for test results don’t you? Any test result, but medical tests are the absolute worst.

My appointment was early, fortuitous really because the appointment was really for routine blood test results but due to timing saved me an additional trip to my GP’s office for the diagnostic mammogram/ultrasound from last week.  I don’t think I could have taken any more, well suspense is not the right word but it will do.

I arrived a little early and the doc was running late. Ugh. So I burrowed my nose into Twitter and Facebook on my Blackberry to kill some time. I was finally called into the exam room and after a little while I heard the doctor come by the door and take my file out of the slot and walk over to his office to read it before he came in to see me.

I was fidgeting a bit when he finally knocked and came in. He said my “blood tests were good everything seemed within a normal range” and my sugar and cholesterol were fantastic, below average in fact. Truth be told I wish he’d started with the mammogram, but anyway it appears that it is a cyst or calcified cyst. The Mammogram showed what appeared to be a 5mm “focus of nonsinister-appearing” (their words!) “calcification with some lucency in the center, No other abnormalities are seen. No surrounding architectural distortion.” Apparently this little fella was on the “nine o’clock position of my right boobie. Nine o’clock will forever have a different meaning for me, I have officially named my first body part. World, my right boob will from now on be known as “Nine O’clock” or “21:00” for you military types.

The ultrasound of good old nine o’clock showed a 3mm (huh diff size?) cyst at the 9:00 position of the right breast and got real specific about where according to the, well umm center part.  It went on to say it “likely corresponds to the mammography abnormality”.  Would that be medical speak for we’re pretty much sure they are the same thing but without fully committing?

The overall “Impression” was the findings were non-sinister and LIKELY represents a calcified cyst or an oil cyst.

As a precaution however, they recommend a follow-up in six months including a right mammogram with magnification and ultrasound of the lateral position (same area) “to ensure stability”. This was lab speak to say just in case they’re wrong.  I get it, it is very necessary to not say 100% they know it is nothing without taking it out and looking at it BUT that being said, it is most likely indeed nothing and not worth biopsying. I’m guessing they know of what they speak. Still Doc said to call him in about 5 months, come see him and they would make the arrangements for the follow-up testing. They have a baseline now, I guess they are going to be looking for change, good or bad.  Non-sinister is in the end good news and I will take it.

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2 Responses to For Best Results

  1. Sue says:

    Yay for good news.

  2. americanuck says:

    I know! I am quite relieved!

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