It’s Catching Up

Once again when chaos enters the picture, the blog is the first thing to be ignored.  My Mum has been back and forth into hospital, this time from a few different internal ailments along with what appears to be an aggravation of an old spinal compression fracture. The latter was most likely caused by a couple of chair massages (while still in her wheelchair.) We’re not sure when the original fracture happened, but most likely one of the falls she’s taken from her chair after neglecting to wear her seat-belt and falling asleep. The weird part is that she seems to be in a lot more pain from re-injuring it than the original fracture because I don’t recall her ever being in severe back pain, just the regular soreness from a tumble.

Still there have been other things going on and it’s about time I get them down while I’m in the mood.

A few weeks before my last class we planned a rather last-minute trip back down to Cannon Beach. We’d never been there in the summer before so we took advantage of a light scheduling week for Tom, he booked himself “unavailable” and off we went. The boys stayed behind to house/cat sit and each took a turn visiting their Grandmother in hospital while we got a chance to have some nice couple time and some badly needed de-stressing time.

I’m  happy to say the trip down to Cannon Beach was uneventful AND we made great time. No blown tires, no long waits in Seattle and no detours into hill country this time around, score!  We also got to see the beach instead of just hearing it our first evening down there, in fact we even had time to have a walk AND dinner before it got dark.  It was actually warm when we first arrived, it was weird for us as we’re so used to the chilly Spring climate but man, it was a nice change. This also meant the beach was busier than we’d ever seen it. There appeared to be a contingent of day-trippers along with those that were staying in the area.

Cannon Beach Aug 29 2011

Our room was on the other side of the walk-through to the beach than our previous stays, so it was like being in Bizzaro World with the furniture and the patio door being on a different side. Needless to say it took me the better part of a day to go directly to the correct side to open the sliding door. Doh!

Cannon Beach Aug 29 2011

We’d lucked out getting a suite in the beachfront building even with a fairly last-minute booking which considering it is the beach at summer was amazing but we’re spoiled and the thought of being in a back building suite or even a studio just wasn’t that appealing. I couldn’t get our dates to work online but when I called and spoke to the VERY helpful reservation’s guy at the Surfsand, he managed to work it out so that we would stay in our first room for 3 nights and they would do an in-house move to another suite on our final night. We just had to make sure we were packed up that morning and they took care of the rest and it went very smoothly! The move put us back on our “normal” side of the pass through and also gave us our first experience on the 3rd floor. Truth be told I preferred the first room even though it was lower down, it was quieter  because the second room we were in had an adjoining door which seemed to let noise travel from next-door a little easier and seemed more set up for families. There was also a bit of a wind-tunnel effect which seemed to whip the front door out of your hand and slam it if your window was open. It happened to me and judging from the slams/exclamations I heard, to our neighbours a few times as well. Still the second room did avail us of a different view of Haystack Rock with the flag pole in front of it so the millions of pictures we always take looked slightly different. See?

Cannon Beach Sep 1st 2011

Looks entirely different! Heh.

Sunsets! Yes we had them in varying degrees of intensity each of the nights we were there and some were spectacular. There is something very special about that little piece of the Oregon coast, I so wish we could live there year round.

Cannon Beach Sep 1st 2011

Cannon Beach Aug 30th 2011

Cannon Beach Aug 31st 2011

Cannon Beach Sep 1st 2011

See? Sunsets! A mess of em!

We went for daily walks, sometimes together and sometimes, well I left Tom behind in the dust on others. I love to speed walk and on one particular day I ended up waaaaaay down the beach. I ended up jogging back to meet up with Tom still coming in my direction. That is when I discovered the joy of running on the beach, damn, I could do that every day! Well if I wore my actual “running” running shoes and not my Payless specials. Oh and a supportive running bra (ouch.)

Cannon Beach Aug 31st 2011

We did a day trip down to Tillamook (ice-cream!) and hit up the antique stores along the way looking for elusive turquoise glass. As luck would have it, a place we’d never been before on the way back yielded a couple of really nice pieces. The lady was nice enough to pack them in a box for travel and when I unboxed it I saw what appeared to be the carcass of some sort of beetle like critter which prompted me to scream and Tom to immediately chuck it along with all the other packaging in a bag and straight to the bin. I mean eek I dunno if it was alive or not cos it moved when I was jiggling the box but last thing we need is some kind of infestation! All my glass ended up soaking in a ton of bleach and soap, just in case there were any EGGS of said critter inside the vases etc. Yikes!
Note to self, next time a bag is just fine and dandy!

Here’s what I mean by turquoise glass:


Quite a few Fenton pieces, probably a lot of it “Depression Glass” which with the economy the way it is seems somewhat apropos n’est-ce pas?

Some of them are seriously cute to me.


I also finally ventured into “Icefire Glassworks” in Cannon Beach at Tom’s suggestion and boy I’m glad I did. I picked up a gorgeous piece of blown glass by Michelle Kaptur and hey! Turquoise!  Nobody was blowing glass that day, but I understand if you’re lucky you can catch one of the artisans in action right there.


All in all a loveryly time was had by us both. I did mention I wish I could live there right? Without a doubt if we came into a little (okay a LOT) of extra money we would definitely buy a place down there and live 6 months of the year.

Umm okay so the rest of the time has been a bit of a blur what with hospital visits and Mum going back and forth. Oh! In one of her trips home the hospital didn’t send her back with her own wheelchair!  You know cos it makes sense to ask for said wheelchair to be delivered to hospital and to send home a 79-year-old wheelchair dependent legally blind woman home without it! Yeah that was fun, a late night trip to the hospital to get a chair that was just, you know left there out in the open (and worth a shit-ton of money) to deliver it to a locked assisted living facility who was going through floor renovations in the pouring rain. But was I mad? No, no, not at all. I was SPITTING FIRE. Oh and they lost the pump to her $800 cushion. WTF.  Okay deep breath, clearly I’m not over it yet.

Thinking, thinking…. ah I went to some info sessions at SFU to check out some of their programs and there are a couple I’m really interested in. Unfortunately they are kind of in flux right now and probably won’t be firmed up completely until the beginning of 2012 so gonna have to sit tight and see what I can work out. In the meantime there is another class I’m signed up for and I’m considering some others.

Next on the horizon is a family vacation, still a bit away but looking forward to it. I’m guessing I will write about THAT sometime, eventually. :)

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4 Responses to It’s Catching Up

  1. Sue says:

    Sorry about your mum! And the wheelchair fiasco!! Glad you are back to the blog, though. Love your pictures, as always.

  2. americanuck says:

    Thanks Sue! Yeah Mum is getting up there and each time something happens it seems to take longer and longer to bounce back from. They’re starting to wonder if she’ll need more nursing care now which will mean another move.

  3. Sue says:

    I don’t know anything about how it works in Canada, but if you have any say in where the next move might be, you may want to start looking at facilities. Here there are some great ones and some not so great ones. It’s good to have some information ahead of time. With my mom we were lucky that there was a great nursing facility as part of the complex right next door to her assisted living facility. When the time came to move her, we just wheeled her next door.

  4. americanuck says:

    The place she’s at now has a sister site close by but it ends up being somewhat of a first available bed situation when a patient transfers out of hospital. From what I gather they try to keep you in the same community and if you don’t get the place you want right away you can put in for a transfer at first availability. These are gov’t funded and registered and like my mum’s current place have resident boards etc. Her current place is excellent and so very homey, ideally I would love that she can bounce back and go back there but I guess that will remain to be seen at this point.

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