Hold Out For Christmas

Okay so I totally know what I’m getting for Christmas this year because I asked for it.

In all honesty  a couple of months ago I had no idea what I wanted. Usually by November I have a fairly healthy list of wants (they are rarely needs) but this year I was having a hard time coming up with anything, a sign that I’m either very spoiled, have an easily attainable threshold for satisfaction, or some combination thereof.  Don’t get me wrong you can NEVER go wrong with jewellery, but I’m not one to need the expensive kind. I’ve got a few diamonds kicking around for sure, but nothing huge. Most of my jewellery is costume, silver or semi-precious stones, all loved because most of them come with a memory far more precious to me than diamonds. BUT, yanno… I wouldn’t throw a diamond back or anything, just so that’s clear.

Anyway! I had finally convinced Tom that he should move into this century and get a smart phone and after a lot of careful consideration (and waiting for it to be released) he went to Best Buy to sign up for one. The whole activating a cell phone process is painfully slow so I wandered around the store and by wandering around I mean ran straight for the camera section. Yes I absolutely already have a camera, umm more than one but still, can’t hurt to look and drool right?

I’ve long been a Canon girl and in my humble opinion they make the best point and shoots but as I was playing with the DSLRs I happened to pick up a Nikon D7000 and fell instantly and hopelessly in love. Birds singing love. Audible click love. I loved the way it felt in my hands, I loved the weight and solid feel and I loved the sound the shutter made. Just Love. Then I looked at the sticker and suddenly the birds stopped singing.  I could hardly justify spending money on another DSLR (my Rebel is just fine and it was free thanks to Airmiles!) It isn’t as crazy expensive as some of the pro cameras out there but for a hobbyist it is definitely not the cheapest. I reluctantly put it back down and walked back to where Tom was finishing up on his contract.

After he was done we walked past the camera section and you know, as we HAPPENED to be there anyway I showed him my new love. He says “why don’t you get it?” I’m all “well it’s pretty expensive” and he’s all “get it for Christmas” and I’m all “too much for Christmas!” so he’s all “Christmas and Birthday?” and… SOLD! Yeah took a LOT of effort to bend that arm.

Tom asked me if I wanted it when he picked it up or if I would wait for Christmas and I picked Christmas. I mean I know there will be other little things like stockings etc but as much as I am DYING to start playing with it now I thought I should wait and open it.

So it was sitting in the closet taunting me for weeks, now it is goading me (safely wrapped mind you) under the tree.



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4 Responses to Hold Out For Christmas

  1. Tom says:

    Not to spoil the surprise, but is this a bad time to tell you I bought you a new vacuum cleaner, instead?

  2. You guys are sweet couple!
    And funny.

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