Every Picture Tells A Story

A couple of months ago on a whim I submitted one of my favourite photos of Cinny to Jones ™ Soda. Within about a day or two of submission she was picked as a “Staff favourite” which skips the whole public voting thing and fast tracks the picture to the judges for consideration for a label. I got notification the other day that she’s been chosen and will be featured on an upcoming Root beer label which I think is pretty darn cool!

I’m not sure when it will hit the market, they have to submit the various photos they’ve chosen to the place that produces their labels and then they will update the press sheet page and send me some samples which is awesome! I’ve put out the call to friends and family to save me a bottle if they happen to find one in the market. Hopefully someone will come across one, I’d love to get it! If not it is still fun to know that her cute little face will be adorning bottles somewhere out there.

She’s also been featured in “People Pets” on People.com a couple of times.. this one being seasonally appropriate ;)

There was absolutely no living with her before but with all the press she’s getting she’s becoming a complete and total Diva.

IMG_4349 (2)-2

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One Response to Every Picture Tells A Story

  1. Congrats! That is awesome. I really like that soda.

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