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Xmas 2011

Ah Christmas 2011, it was a gooder, yes it was, despite my turkey induced anxiety from my Xmas Eve dinner. Yes turkey induced. A word of advice, if you use a meat thermometer that runs on batteries and haven’t changed them since you bought it several years ago, Christmas turkey time is not a good time to discover they are dying. Trust me, a thermometer which starts to read the temps decreasing as a turkey cooks is just plain unreliable. I was worried I was going to over cook the turkey or worse give my family a case of the turkey-trots.

Tom has been trying for years to get me to stop fussing with turkey each Christmas. Nobody REALLY would miss it and personally I hate turkey unless it is from a deli counter, cold and shaved mighty thinly. Some weird sense of turkey obligation had me struggling each year and face it I am no Martha Effing Stewart. This year the turkey actually turned out good, it stayed moist and nobody got sick despite me having to wing it for “doneness” go figure?!

As a show of my non-turkey-cooking from now on commitment, the thermometer was ceremoniously tossed out with the turkey carcass. Unfortunately the rack I borrowed from our fairly new toaster oven was ALSO thrown away by mistake. Good thing it was a pretty inexpensive toaster oven cos it would be cheaper to replace it than try to find a replacement rack. Ah well.

After months of being in and out of the hospital Mum was back to her place and back to reasonably good health and no longer in severe pain. I honestly didn’t figure she’d ever get back to her home never mind be there for Christmas this year. It was looking touch and go after they thought she’d suffered a mini-stroke after she got out of hospital the last time but she got her strength back and so far hasn’t seemed to have suffered any more ill-effects. She’s going to be 80 next year and for the last few Christmases has wondered aloud if that Christmas will be her last. I joke that she’ll probably outlive me with all she’s managed to get through over the years. She had a good time and was in her words “spoiled” and sent home with lots of goodies and a stocking to open the next morning.

Xmas 2011

She started dozing off around 9:00 so we drove her back to her place and then settled back to relax and have some well-earned wine. Tom and I had decided on the drive back to open our gifts after midnight instead of waiting for Christmas morning to shake things up a little, though we’d leave the stockings for morning to keep the fun going a little longer. We didn’t share the news with the boys until it was time and when we did they just looked at us in puzzlement. We said we didn’t HAVE to if they’d rather wait (we both figured they would be ALL OVER IT.) Slowly you could see the desire to open their gifts war with the fact they didn’t want to step over their brother’s wishes they both looked at each other and admitted they’d kind of like to do it now and so it was. Ah how they’ve grown up, in years past they wouldn’t have cared what the other thought AND they would have knocked over anyone and anything in their path to the tree!

Sean’s main present was something he’d wanted for a long time; a drawing tablet. Both the boys are very “arty” and plan on taking their talents to school (hooray!) Sean has been cartooning using MS Paint and a mouse for ages…he’s got an idea for a web comic he’s been kicking around and the tablet will help things along immensely.

Xmas 2011

Chris had the same problem I had, he had no idea what he wanted. I suggested a TV (his old one had kicked the bucket and he was using a tiny old CRT for his Xbox) and he jumped at it. We had to stick with a smaller one due to the size of his room (and the MESS) but it is pretty sweet nonetheless.

Xmas 2011

When I say main present I mean main, there are always others and Sean’s were easy (accessories for his tablet etc) but Chris… well we had NO idea what else to give him so it ended up being good old cash. Never one to make things boring or easy we decided on a scavenger hunt. Not just any scavenger hunt though, we hid the cash in various DVDs and gave Chris clues (mostly consisting of lines from the movie in question.) written on a scroll.

Xmas 2011

A couple he got right away but there were some head-scratchers in there.

Xmas 2011

A couple of times we had to take pity and give him hints but he found it all.

In order to keep the expenses down for the boys I had suggested they go in together and buy me an iPod Shuffle cos the Sony mp3 player I’ve had for a few years now is starting to show its age and not having to shove it into my waist band to carry it around while cleaning sounded very appealing. They jumped at the suggestion with much relief, they claim never to know what to get me when really I’m pretty easy to please. Of course they got me a pink one :)

Xmas 2011

I mentioned in my previous post what I was getting for Christmas from Tom… here I am with it in a horribly unflattering photo with some kind of horrible evil grin on my face which doesn’t come close to expressing my happiness or love but it is there trust me!

Xmas 2011

And a nicer picture of me while using it, well a little nicer anyway (still with bad hair!)

Xmas 2011

Tom ended up opening the MOST gifts because the items on his wish list were smaller for the most part. His “main” gift was a fairly modest P&S camera (the 300 HS Elph which I have, took with us to California and he was impressed by.) I totally recommend this camera BTW if anyone is in the market for one.

Xmas 2011

My favourite presents though are these fellas….

Xmas 2011

Xmas 2011

I’m a lucky lucky girl.

Happy New Year!

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