It’s All About Me

I’ve made and broken many resolutions over the years (damn willpower) but I generally make them around my own personal year-end rather than, you know, the earth’s. Every year I swear I’m going to stop eating junk (or at least cut back), drink more water and move more. Soooo we’re four days in and .. well one out of three ain’t bad right?

With each birthday come changes good and bad. Good? I would say I care less with each passing year what people think of me. Don’t get me wrong it is not like I walk around not caring about how I behave, I always try to be the best me I can be, I just put less stock in negativity.

Bad? The redistribution of my fluffiness! I mean seriously I was happier with it being spread out all over rather than it deciding to have a reunion in my mid-section! (Calling the other two resolutions…)

So yeah I just had another Birthday and truth be told I still love them. I always figured I’d get to middle age and start dreading them for all the lousy stuff that comes along for the ride but no, I still regress to that same girl who used to put a crown on her head and enjoyed being the center of attention for one day.

Not to mention eat all kinds of stuff that is bad for me with this same finesse…..

As mentioned in a previous post I had agreed to getting my super-duper new camera for a combo Xmas/Bday deal and my hubby wisely ignored that AND made the actual day special for me in a very thoughtful way.

It started off the evening before with Tom bringing me home flowers awwww..

My Birthday

He had been scheduled to work until midnight on the 11th but that was changed. This gave us a bonus evening together but messed up his plans to give me the flowers after midnight on my actual birthday, day (not that it mattered!)

The bonus time was spent drinking wine late into the evening (well technically into the morning of my birthday) and I tweeted about it. SouthLAnd’s ever so awesome Michael Cudlitz spotted my tweet and wished me a Happy Birthday. Isn’t he the best?! (Fangirl)

BTW .. commercial time! Do you watch SouthLAnd? If you don’t you better start. Go catch up on the past seasons! I will wait..and then we can talk all about it. (SouthLAnd season 4 begins airing Jan 17th on TNT in the States and Super Channel Jan 18th in Canada!)

/end commercial

My Birthday

The day OF there were a couple of requests of my own …first off, my car Freddy is now officially old enough for smog checking (boo!) and in order to renew my insurance which is due next month it needed the inspection. It is generally a really boring thing to do so Tom took my car in for me (I tagged along of course.)

DSC_0376 (2)

DSC_0377 (2)

I also wanted to hit “Antique Alley” in New Westminster in search of more of my turquoise glass. It is a BUGGER to find I have to say, I mean if I was collecting amber, rose or even dark green glass I’d be swimming in the stuff. I suppose that makes it more of a challenge (and boy I love those) as well as more special and I dunno, there is something about the colour turquoise that does something for me the others don’t.

I lucked out! I found three new pieces in the first couple of stores I stopped in!

My Birthday

Here they are with their brethren….oops ignore the envelopes there! (messy messy)

DSC_0384 (2)

After the initial success..meh, but it was still fun checking out the rest of the stores anyway. I found a couple of AMAZING ones down there, one loaded with antiques that need some love to come back to their glory (Deco galore!) as well as one with the most pristine mid-century modern furniture I have ever seen. All I can say is I know which stores I will be hitting up if we ever win the lottery and no, the boys will never be allowed in those rooms.

All that awesome Belinda-Day stuff was followed up by Chinese food (yum)

My Birthday

and a new Lava Lamp. I have EIGHT of those suckers now, though one of the newer ones is actually a “sparkle” lamp but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

My Birthday

I love watching them in action.

The boys are under orders not to spend money on gifts and concentrate on saving for school.. so Sean “cartooned” me for a present:

My Birthday

And Chris? Well I told him to clean up his damn room already, that is present enough for me! Of course I’m still waiting.

All in all an excellent birthday I must say… and I guess I’m hanging in alright for 46 (especially in sepia) ;)

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6 Responses to It’s All About Me

  1. You look great!! I’m glad you had a good Birthday!

  2. Sue says:

    I collect the pink glass. I’ll start looking for the turquoise now. Our favorite shop is in Vermont just about 30 miles from here. They have about 30 vendors with all sorts of cool stuff. If we see something special, I’ll send a pic. Glad you had a nice birthday. We share a dislike for snow. And it’s snowing here :(

  3. americanuck says:

    Gosh Sue it is almost like we’re blood related sometimes! We drive the same car AND collect glass that is too funny! The pink glass is pretty (so is amethyst) you should take a pic of your collection and let me see it!

  4. Sue says:

    I actually have some pics someplace. I am so behind on getting stuff up on Flickr, and backing up to my external drive. That’s one of my resolutions. Anyway – I’ll get a picture or two up soon!

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