School Girl

This past Summer I dipped my big toe back into formal education, granted it was for fun rather than for my career, but it was still strange being back to worrying about turning in HOMEWORK!?! on time. Homework has a completely different connotation than say a project deadline, THOSE I’m used to. I think the word “homework” just has my ass time travelling back to a more insecure period of my emotional development. Heh.

After attending a few different information sessions, I applied to get into a Business Management program and lo and behold, here I am a University student at the ripe old age of forty(mumble). Kidding! 46! I’ve already shared that before so I’m fooling nobody.

I’m actually attending two different schools at the moment, though one is just a “one-off” comprehensive Excel course unrelated to my current program. Yes I just fell asleep even typing that statement.

I’m amazed at how much I already know from just the sheer number of years I’ve used the program. That being said and to be completely fair, I’ve definitely picked up some new info and as the course goes on I’m sure the new stuff will be rolling in…but geez the reading is a snooze-fest. There is only so much that can be done to make Excel exciting, I mean, I’ve read technical specs that are less dry.

I think it comes down to my hatred of reading manuals. Seriously, just ask my husband if I read manuals. Go ahead ask. I don’t, I like to figure shit out on my own. Then when I discover out something new on my phone/camera/e-gadget I get all yanno, Archimedes-like and Tom just shakes his head.

The other class at the University I am really enjoying even though it means getting up early on a Saturday. Mind you, every day is kind of Saturday at the moment. The Teacher is great, the subject matter interesting and despite the spectre of assignments, mid-terms and finals I think I’m going to enjoy this whole experience. Of course ask me again when say the accounting class rolls around… ;)

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