Lay A Little Sunshine On Me

I took my camera on what I suppose was its inaugural run, while out for a walk with Tom last week. Up until now it seemed every half decent day weather-wise was already spoken for by school, errands or what-have-you. As much as I believe the camera is somewhat weather sealed I have no intention of putting that to the test!

We hit a span of dry and quite warm weather, warm enough at least for me to just wear a sweater and Tom not to wear a PARKA (wuss.) For all the doom and gloom the weathermen had for this winter predicting it would be the coldest, meh hasn’t happened at least for those of us not in Europe (sorry folks!) I suppose I could be totally jinxing us so excuse me while I walk outside turn around three times and spit.

We didn’t have a whole lot of time, just enough to get down to White Rock and walk around for an hour or so before picking up the boy from work. We got there just as the sun was thinking about setting, when the light is coming from the side and gives that nice warm glow. I really wish would could have stuck around for full sunset because I think it was going to be a nice one, ah well.

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

I’m still trying to get used to the new camera, it is definitely a change going from a Canon to a Nikon mostly in the menus and where to find specific buttons on the camera to change settings. I had my Canon down cold and keep trying to change the ISO or the auto-focus settings where they used to be. I’ve found em sure enough from playing around I just keep forgetting where they are. I’m sure there is stuff that I still don’t know about the camera so maybe I will have to break down and read the manual (I know GASP) or at least skim through parts of it.

White Rock really is such a pretty town. I’ve probably mentioned it before but this was the place I used to go a lot to think and people watch when I was alone.

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

The tide was high-ish, not sure if it was going out or making its way fully in but there was some sand exposed. The seagulls were having a heyday scooping up mussels and dropping them down on the boardwalk in front of unsuspecting tourists trying to crack them open, the mussels not the tourists. Heh.  Some of them came pretty close to hitting people though and I know I shouldn’t have laughed but I couldn’t help myself.

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

Tom pointed out that Karma could have bit me in the ass, or more likely crapped all over my head but as it turns out I escaped that thank goodness cos Seagull crap is STINK-YYYYY.

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

The no-so-bright Seagulls were dropping the mussels on the sand or in the water(?) and looked all disappointed when they didn’t crack open.

On our way back down the boardwalk we saw a couple of girls dressed up as super heroes. Not sure what the deal was but as they suddenly took off past us I managed to get a shot or two of them retreating. I get it, I was a teenager once and I did my own share of weird things. I also appreciated the photo-op, it isn’t every day you see Super Girl and Wonder Woman a the beach yanno?

Supergirl and Wonder Woman running amok in White Rock

The made their way down to the water line and walked into the water (brrrrrr!)

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

Before eventually heading back…

Superheroes use beaches too

It was such a clear day Mount Baker was highly visible and unlike summer not yellowed by the haze that tends to settle in.

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

It really couldn’t have been a more picture-perfect day.

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

Tom pointed out it was getting about that time to leave and as we made our way back to the car the sun starting slipping down in earnest. Man it was pretty, so I kept stopping to squeeze off a few more shots.

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

White Rock BC - Feb 3, 2012

I was pleased with the shots I got from my new little baby, I’m looking forward to getting in some more practice with him in the next few months before we head back down to Cannon beach for a week in the Spring. I’m hoping fortune will smile on us and we’ll get at least a couple of days of nice weather on that trip and I can give the new guy a runs for his money.


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  1. Those are Be Utiful pictures!

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