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Here I go again with a catch-up post. I’ve also been neglecting my “writing” writing. Despite being all fired up to write! write! write! (as the workshop I took last Summer was called) instead I’m not not not.

School has (rightfully) been my focus of late. I wish I could say I’m enjoying both of the classes I’m taking but I’m just not. I’ve discovered a deep-rooted hatred for Excel that I never had before and I mean DEEP. It will always remain a handy tool to use at work and I’ve definitely learned a lot in this very comprehensive course but if I ever had to do this stuff day in and day out as a JOB I would probably want to cut a bitch yanno? I’m sure there are lots of people who happily submerge themselves in spreadsheets but I need MORE stimulus. I need to plan, solve problems, project manage. If I was ever under some delusion that I would be happy buried in some kind of admin job this has opened my eyes. I buck at routine. On the upside I’m well over the mid-term hump and that little speck of light in the distance is getting closer. Three more weeks of assignments and the final to go.  Halle-frickin-lujah!

The class at the U is an entirely different story however. I LOVE that class, the teacher and my classmates and I look forward to it each week. I’m enjoying feeling somewhat submerged in the business world again and happy to know my mind certainly hasn’t atrophied during my “sabbatical”.  I think I really needed this reminder that I’m a highly intelligent person and any company will be darn lucky to have me as an employee. It has also reminded me that life should be about balance and I need to continue to devote time for my own personal development.

Speaking of the U isn’t this the busiest tile work you’ve ever seen in a washroom? Ignore the early morning school hair and lack of make-up please! Seriously though, my eyes cross every time I go in there.


Here is a shot from the “Galleria” section. See lots of light and space (the classrooms in the Galleria level ring the edges)


Other than that the design is quite lovely, very “West Coasty”. Lots of light and open spaces, quite different to the campus downtown which seems kind of gloomy and dark by comparison. I’m hoping the bulk of the classes in my program will be taken in the campus closer to home but I will do what I need to do to finish.

In other news, I’ve been spending time in various doctors offices for various reasons. I experienced my first CT scan which happily turned out NOT to be the claustrophobic nightmare I was dreading it would be. In fact, other than the fact my very shy veins needed to be poked FIVE TIMES before they could successfully get a needle in me (including being under warming blankets twice to try to coax veins to the surface!)


See? I kid you not! The nurses were all so apologetic and nice about it and telling me I was such a good sport (I kept saying no problem do what you need to do!) but it isn’t their fault. I’ve been down this road most of my life. Every time I’ve been hospitalized they’ve given up on my arms and started IVs in the top of my hand. Anyway, the IV was for some contrast that they need to inject in you partway through the scan. That contrast stuff when it goes in you FEEL IT and the weird part is you get this warm feeling in your um groinal area like you’ve just wet your pants (you haven’t of course!) How totally weird. The facility is new and all the equipment high-tech and the roof sported a lovely back-lit picture of cherry blossoms framed in a picture window to keep your mind of the fact you’re about to head in and out of a giant doughnut that makes noises and spins.

All this was to check on a pain in my neck… no, not the boys (ba-doom!) but an actual pain I’ve had on the right side of my neck since last year. Of course I’ve yet to hear back from the ENT on the results (not sure why they’ve neglected to call me, need to get on that) but I’m guessing there was nothing serious going on in there.

I also had a re-check diagnostic mammogram the other day for the lump that was detected in my earlier screening then diagnostic mammo. It was all precautionary as the first diagnostic mammo revealed it to be what looked like a cyst and judging by the fact I was in and out of there as fast as I was AND didn’t even require the ultra-sound they had booked as well that the results were good. So I’m guessing everything is fine and dandy on the health front. OH! And I had no cavities. That means almost 30 years of perfect check-ups (I’m so proud).

Anyway that’s about it… exciting eh?

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