In The Mirror

Despite  the fact I walk around with a camera at all times and basically demand everyone let me take their picture, I’m not a big fan of my own picture being taken. I KNOW total double standard right? When I point my camera at Tom he immediately smiles or hams it up for me, when he points his at me I squint and sneer. I can’t HELP IT!

I suppose it is partly because I know my own best angles and more importantly I’m in charge of the delete button, but I have always preferred taking my own picture.. that is if I’m in a picture at all. For whatever reason I can smile more naturally at a camera lens when the only thing on the other end is my hand.

Then there are the mirror shots. In all honesty these are my favourite pictures of me, RARELY flattering but probably the most natural, most spontaneous pictures I have of myself, no posing invovled. The picture below is a mirror ball in the Buchart Gardens in Victoria. See? Not flattering at all but one of my all time favourite pictures of us (though technically not a self-portrait.)

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Tom’s a good sport letting me use the nice reflecty surface of his sunglasses (oh like he has a choice!) even though as a result the proportions are less than flattering on HIM.  They are perfect to capture a little of myself and a little of where we’re at… like here on Cannon Beach.

Cannon Beach Day 1

or this one also taken on Cannon Beach after I had just finished jogging (bonus, can’t see  my sweat!) See these invoke MEMORIES for me. I can look at them and remember exactly what was happening at that moment and what caused me to take that picture in the first place.

Cannon Beach Aug 31st 2011

Then there is this one using a parking garage mirror at our resort in Newport Coast as we did our first real explore after arriving.

Marriott's Newport Coast Villas

or Christmas decorating time….

Xmas Decorating 2010

And walking on the seawall in White Rock, one of the last time Sean came out with us willingly….


Somewhere along the way these shots morphed into me in the mirror making a peace-sign. This is right after we got back from Disneyland.


Or in Tom’s sunglasses…on Cannon Beach Summer 2012 (short sleeves! No parka!)

Cannon Beach Sep 1st 2011

At Crystal Cove Beach

California Trip 2011 - Day 6

Laguna Beach

California Trip 2011 -  Day 4

Heck, I even do it locally after antiquing in Fort Langley..

Antiquing in Fort Langley

It’s silly sure but they’re pictures of me that I will always love!

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