Back To Oregon

Do we ever need an excuse to visit Cannon Beach? Heck no! But a fortuitous break in my school term, coupled with the realization that it may be a while before we can take another vacation had me click-clicking away to book a room at our favourite resort, the Surfsand.

Just about every trip we’ve taken in the last few years has been short escape from some sort of stress that was going on in our lives but this one came at a time when things were pretty much on an even keel. As a result the whole tone was different. I felt a bubble of excitement that had been lacking before, I suppose it is hard to completely embrace the joy of a trip when all you’re focused on is the thing you’re trying to escape from. I mean I always enjoyed myself when I was away and don’t want to sound ungrateful for being fortunate enough to be able to get away, but part of me never really left home. This time all of me was on that beach and I gave each and every day a HUGE bear hug.

Our trip down met with another unscheduled delay in the Seattle area, but unlike the last time this traffic incident didn’t involve our car. From what this report says rain and inappropriate speed led to this…

IMG_5392 (2)

IMG_5393 (2)

Yup, that is the underside of a semi and that poor car along with a few others were hit by it. Glad to hear nobody was killed though because it looked pretty bad. It was bad enough, and messy enough to close that part of the I-5 southbound and send people scrambling for alternatives. 45 minutes or so of crawling and we were back on our way again.

We arrived in our room just as the sun started to set and first order of business after dropping what we carried was to immediately hear OCEAN.

Tom went down to get our bags while I snapped a few pictures from the balcony.

DSC_1974 (2)

DSC_1975 (2)
Hello Haystack rock!

We hoped we’d have a chance of another sunset sometime during the week, though with the weatherman predicting rain the entire week it seemed unlikely. At any rate our STOMACHS were the priority and the siren-song of the Lumberyard Chili-mac was too hard to resist.

IMG_5408 (2)

Seriously, that bowl is listed as an appetizer on the menu! After ordering a bowl to share before our entrees in the past (and barely touching our dinners) we now just order a bowl each for a meal. Totally satisfying and decadent!

Guess what? Each and every single night we had a sunset. How about that!? That has never happened to us before. Also? The forecast of rain each day, phsshh.. didn’t happen. Sure we had the odd sprinkle or overcast sky, but the day always cleared up and gave us sunshine. It was like Oregon was giving us a hug right back.

DSC_2142 (2)

On the recommendation of a friend of mine we checked out Cape Kiwanda, home of another sea stack called Haystack Rock.
DSC_2256 (2)

For the lazy there are beaches to walk, for the crazy there is a GIANT sand hill to climb, for the people in between there is a shorter sand hill to hike to get up to the cape itself. About halfway up I was starting to question why I even tried in the first place it was EXHAUSTING! The sand was so slippery it was like for every couple of steps you’d slide back one.

DSC_2264 (2)

Once at the top I figured I might as well decided to go beyond the fence and go check out the edge…to be completely honest I had to LAY DOWN to get near the edge which covered me with a weird rust coloured dirt but there is no bloody way I would get near the edge to look over otherwise. Suddenly to my left I was surprised to see a hand pop up from the cliff-side….

Cannon Beach Trip Apr 7 2012

Next thing I know there is a guy clambering up the rock-face. Ummm okay so maybe THIS is the hardest way up to the cape!

Cannon Beach Trip Apr 7 2012

In flip-flops yet!

The views were pretty darn cool from up there though..

Cannon Beach Trip Apr 7 2012

Cannon Beach Trip Apr 7 2012

We also made a point to stop in Tillamook for some ice cream on the way back and I’d also had a look in a couple of antique stores on the way down. Sadly my fave was closed due to a flood (yikes all those poor antiques!) but I was lucky and found a few nice pieces in some of the other stores.

We visited our usual haunts in Ecola State park and we both agreed that the next time we’re there we will probably give them a pass and continue to check out places we HAVEN’T been to many times before.

This post could be filled with multiple sunset shots because honestly, each one is so unique. In fact moment to moment there are changes within any given sunset. But that would be boring no?

IMG_5857 (2)

The same with Haystack rock, I mean it is the biggest and most photogenic thing in Cannon Beach, we have hundreds of shots of that same rock over and over again but I can’t post every one…

DSC_2743 (2)

So instead here are a handful of shots from the trip that I particularly love….

IMG_5507 (2)


IMG_5691 (2)

Bruce’s Candy Kitchen

DSC_2702 (2)

IMG_0082 (2)

us (2)

Sigh… we had the best time.

Sadly, even a week isn’t long enough and before long it was time to head home. I had fallen in love with a Victorian house in Astoria over the internet and as we would be passing through down on the way home we made a quick detour into the hills and tracked it down in person.

DSC_2832 (2)

Here is the listing

Sigh and drool…. LOVE the character in Victorian era homes.

While in the neighbourhood I snapped a few others… man they were GORGEOUS! They were taken quickly, I didn’t want anyone to see me and think I was casing the joints or some kind of creeper. Ha!

DSC_2826 (2)

DSC_2811 (2)

Ohhhh okay I couldn’t resist.. just one more…

DSC_2777 (2)

Goodbye Cannon Beach, until next time!

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