Cinnamon Girl

Back in December I was notified that Miss Cinny’s picture was selected for a Jones Soda bottle.  Despite an army of people looking for a bottle both in the US and Canada she had yet to surface anywhere.

That all changed due to a recent cross-border shopping trip by a friend of ours from Ontario. She said she’d been discussing how funny it would be if they happen to find Cinny in a store down there and lo and behold she saw this…

Cinny's Jones Soda picture in the wild

The weird part was, despite being chosen for a Root Beer label, she was on the box of a Vanilla Bean sugar-free soda. Go figure!

Our friend (and her friend) then proceeded to check every single bottle on the shelf but nadda, no Cinny bottles to be found.  When she told me on Facebook what she’d found, then took this picture of it I was super excited, silly I know but it is still a thrill for me! The box is on the way to me now as a keepsake. The funny thing was her daughter and boyfriend were on a separate trip to the States and found the same box, buying it as a surprise for me at the very same time. Totally different State too!

We’re still holding out hope that a bottle with Cinny’s picture on it will surface somewhere!

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