Bottle It Up

Okay so LAST post about Cinny and her Jones Soda bottle, I promise! Yes I will admit I’ve probably geeked out about this far more than was necessary, but pffttt whatever, so I’m a geek.

As previously mentioned, a friend of mine spotted a Cinny bottle at a local Starbucks and picked it up for me.. well here it is!

Cinny Jones Soda


We’ve been meeting fairly regularly for lunch anyway, but purrrrrfect excuse to do so again!

Of course I had to take a couple of snaps of Cinny and her merch, I mean hello?! This is me right?

Cinny Jones Soda

Apart from a curious sniff she was less than impressed but posed gamely anyway.

Cinny Jones Soda

I honestly wasn’t expecting to get a bottle (never mind the box THAT was a bonus surprise!) but putting the word out among friends and family on Facebook really did the trick!

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5 Responses to Bottle It Up

  1. Belinda, you are a joyful person, so I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.

  2. Sue says:

    We keep looking, but so far no Cinny here. I even complained to my local Panera manager because they stopped carrying Jones.

  3. spfar says:

    BTW – WordPress just made me log onto my email to comment here. Never had that happen before.

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