Between Glass

Wow, so it has been a year already since the mammogram that caused all the additional squishing of ol’ righty (aka 9:00.) Happily for me that turned out to be nothing of concern and really ol’ lefty was starting to feel left out. Ha! Geddit? So a full scan was once again in order.

I made the journey to the clinic twice cos I was accidentally booked for what turned out to be a holiday Monday (or at least that was the date I was given) but in fact the actual appointment was for yesterday, so they kindly re-booked me for today. I ended up being super early as I always am for appointments, I have a chronic fear of being late so I tend to over-compensate, and I think I threw the lady at the desk off a little. She looked up my name and asked if I wanted to come back cos I was, you know, half an hour early. I told her I would just sit in the waiting room and kill the time.

Now I don’t know if it is only me, but it weirds me out to be in a waiting room of girlie doc places with men. It is completely silly I know, they are there waiting for their wife or mother I’m sure, but it gives me the same feeling as when men hang around the lingerie dept in the mall. I’m always giving those poor souls the hairy eyeball and they are most likely doing the exact same thing… waiting for someone OR they’re trying to buy their significant other some underthings for a present (which by the way I think is a misguided gift, but that could just be me too.)

I suppose I’m projecting because I know at some point there is only a thin wall between them and me while I’m back in the second waiting area, bra off and free-boobin’.

Anyway, it is over and done with and truly something I will never take for granted OR will put off any more because I know someone much younger than I am who is in the middle of a breast cancer battle. She has shown the courage of a lion and still manages to have a sense of humour to boot. I hope if I’m ever faced with a similar situation I would have even a quarter of her strength. She’s my hero.

So if you’re due for one, please get checked.


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3 Responses to Between Glass

  1. bee says:


  2. Sue says:

    Yup – I get this message:
    Please log in to post your comment. belongs to an account you are not currently logged into.(redaction added) or credentials work.

    My email address is pre-filled in add comments, but apparently I new have to be logged in. It’s no biggie – just different.

  3. americanuck says:

    Hmmm maybe they’re trying to protect people who’ve registered their email addy with Gravatar to avoid spoofing comments or something? WordPress is pretty integrated with Gravatar. When I tested I used an email addy that I don’t use with Gravatar and I didn’t have any messages.

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