Goodbye My Friend

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes that I can barely see through, because today I’m going to have to take our sweet, sweet Nutmeg to be put to sleep. Something I’ve been trying to prepare for after he surpassed the age of 13, the longest I’ve ever had a pet live, but there is no way to really prepare.

At 16+ his body has begun to fail him, his kidneys, his pancreas and his heart. It seemed to happen so quickly, a week ago he seemed normal, content and eating and now…now he is a shell of himself.  I’ve read it happens that way.

He’s never been one for cuddles, but they seem to really bother him now, so I’m trying to resist holding him in my arms for the couple of hours we have left together. I mean it isn’t about me right now, it is about him.

I’m going to be there with him when he goes, it is the very least thing I can do for my furry child who has seen me through some of the worst times in my life and has come with me into some of the happiest. He’s grudgingly put up with a few hugs, a shower of tears, and licked my hand to show me he really does love me even though he doesn’t like to show it that much.

You’ve been a loyal friend and I am going to miss you more than I can even comprehend right now.

Love you lots my baby,
Your Mamma

In happier times..


Scan10008 Nutmeg thought Sage was his Mom.. too bad Sage was a boy

Nutmeg as a kitten with Sage (who I lost in 2000)

Scan10001 In Mom's clean laundry

Attempting to steal chocolate milk

Nutmeg busted drinking Sean's chocolate milk



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