I am not even sure if it is related, but my eye started twitching back towards the end of August. It was annoying to say the least but it wasn’t like I’d never experienced an eye twitch before, or any twitch. It reminds me of the horrible mouth twitch I had after my first wedding. All that fake smiling at people I didn’t know or care about put my mouth in spasm for days. This eye twitch though was different and VERY visible. In fact it was so visible I had to explain it to my team in the BA program I’m taking and it was so bad I couldn’t actually read the text properly that I needed to summarize for a team assignment. It felt like my eye was jiggling. They were awesome, all offering to take parts of my task and do it for me, but I did manage to persevere. Eventually after a week or two the twitch subsided and then finally went away.

It came back sometime in October I think and would appear on and off for a few weeks. Again, whatever, it was annoying but nothing I couldn’t live with. Then one day my left pinkie started to tingle and feel numb. It was joined by the ring finger and the numbness was felt right up to my elbow. I googled carpal tunnel but it appeared to be the wrong fingers, it pointed me to a Ulnar nerve compression and so I thought that was it until my whole hand started to feel the same way. Hmmm weirdness to say the least but I figured whatever was compressing the nerve would go away. Then I got it in my right hand, progressing in a similar pattern and also felt up to my elbow. Then the shooting pains in my fingers started, shooting, burning and stabbing are the only way I can describe it. Still I let it go until one Saturday my right foot went numb, closely followed by my calf. THAT made me call the doctor. The comical part though is that my hands were so clumsy that I couldn’t actually use my blackberry to look up the doc’s number and ended up calling a wrong number a couple of times before getting it right.

I booked an appointment for the following Monday and the doc figured it could be related to a B12 deficiency or maybe my Thyroid. He assured me that they’d call with the results. I gave it a good ten says and still hearing nothing I called the office. The receptionist said that they only call if there is anything of concern (umm WTF what happened to calling me with the results?) Anyway I mentioned I was still feeling the same way and she said I should come back and they’d see if they need to refer me to a neurologist.

I said I needed to check my schedule… I was hoping it would just go away on its own so I held off. And it did actually a few days later.

Flash forward to our vacation, several days in and the tingling starts again. Displeased! It was mild at first and followed a similar pattern of my face, then to my hands and leg. It has really ramped up in the past week here in the new year… and I’m expecting (hoping?) it will start to wane and go away. If it follows a similar pattern to the last time, it will be a few weeks in total then poof gone.

Back to the doctor I went and this time he asked me more questions and had me do the drunk walk. You know the walk the tightrope thing. This time the symptoms on the appointment were in high gear, not waning so if there is such a thing as a good time to feel this way, that would be it right? Anyway I couldn’t DO the drunk walk because my right foot/calf were numb and I was off-kilter. He’s concerned enough that he’s having me put on a waiting list for an MRI and to see a Neurologist. Who knows how long it will take for both of those. He asked if I was willing to go to any of the neighbouring cities (yes!) which may speed things up. There aren’t many Neuros in my town so the waiting is a lot longer.

This time though it seems, I dunno, worse? Meaning there is a lot more numbness (even in my lips!) and a lot more pain. I am also noticing some other strange things, like a hot shower yesterday left me feeling drained and more numb than I was before I went in. I am also definitely confirming that my fingertips are a lot more sensitive to hot and cold. Certain ones a hot cup of coffee or holding an ice-cube feels like a thousand needles stabbing me. I also noticed that a moderate chill seems to make me feel the symptoms less, like when we were out for a walk yesterday in the rain.

My typing ability has also been affected along with my dexterity, and I’ve long been feeling tired and muddy brained, though the bone-tired exhaustion is worse right now. All I want to do it escape into sleep.

Edit: I started this post a few days ago…continued the post today.

Aaaand fast-forward to a few days later. Wow. I had a couple of bad days there. Sunday and especially yesterday. Yesterday I went to do my Mum’s shopping and doing that along with carrying her groceries and the clean laundry I was DONE, I mean DONE done. I barely had ten words to say before I just hightailed it out of there, drove home and crashed hard. I was numb, sore and completely exhausted. I was so worried about how I would feel come this Friday because I’m back in class and how would I explain what’s wrong when I don’t even know myself? I am the type of person who doesn’t talk about myself but I always feel okay talking about it here; in the ether that is the internet. Weird.

Monday night I started to feel some relief, like a big heavy blanket had been lifted a little leaving me sore with a little leftover tingling but the numbness had all but vanished and I felt, better. I was almost afraid to voice it because it would be like tempting fate or something.

Today, I’m sore in my hand and parts of one of my legs but otherwise I feel pretty good. I’m not 100% and a little rough around the edges but man, what a difference. I’ve yet to hear about my MRI or Neuro appointments, I’m sure they’ve been left up to the facilities to add me to a no-doubt long waiting list to schedule me before they even call me to let me know I’ve got an appointment. I want to know what’s what. If it had been a one-time thing I could have let it go, but twice…nope. I’m going to insist that they see this through.

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