Apples and Oranges

Well turns out the MRI didn’t rule anything in, or rule everything out for that matter. On the positive side the majority of the neurological annoyances have subsided once again, and I’m just happy to get most of my dexterity back in my right hand. It was SUPER annoying to not be able to type without a lot of back-spacing never-mind trying to say button a shirt or pick up something really small! Anyway, enough about all that for now.

I am happy to say I graduated from one of the two programs I am taking through a local university. The Business Analysis program was great, it reinforced what I already knew (that I am good at it) and added some new tools to the tool-box. I’m proud of myself. The other program can be taken after work/on weekends once I get back working again. I guess a part of me has always felt inferior by not having had any formal post-secondary education, other than classes through work. It just wasn’t in the stars back then, my Dad wasn’t one to support higher education and the options I was given of work or move out at 17 meant work was the only viable one. Then life happened. Still, I’ve done it and I will continue to chip away at the other one over time.

I am now an iPhone user. I know! I drank that Kool-Aid. I’ve had a iTouch for years and loved it and I adore my cute little pink shuffle too. I am slipping down the Apple slope quickly.I will admit I have actually considered an iPad now. Not so much as a computer because hell, I need a keyboard, but as a e-book and game machine? Yeah I’m thinking about it. Shoot me if I ever take it out walking as a camera though. Now Tom, he loves his Samsung Android but it felt too big for my hands and I just didn’t care for it when I tried his. I guess I fell into the walled garden of Apple and I’m kind of liking it there. Halp! No wait, I’m fine. Really.

My phone is full of camera apps, like that is a big surprise. I’ve tried a few of them so far and have had some fun with them. It will never replace my other cameras, especially the DSLR and my precious little Canon P&S, but it is perfect for that instant share and a huge upgrade from my ancient blackberry. I even joined Instagram and having some fun with that too.




The last couple of photos were taken on the Iona Beach jetty (known apparently as the “Poop Shoot” as it part of the outflow of a sewage treatment plant) a really nice long walk (4k each way) which affords views of water, birds and birds of a different kind; airplanes. It is situated right not far from YVR airport which means you get some awesome views of planes coming in for a landing overhead. I really liked it there. We walked around the wetlands first so all-told that day we easily walked 6 miles, then combined with our walk-about we did Sunday we clocked 10 miles. This picture of Tom makes me laugh. He was hamming it up a bit for my camera, but he was starting to feel the effects at that point. It had been a while since we’ve done any serious walking so it was a pretty big push for the first day out. In all honesty I could have walked even farther, I was feeling pretty darn good.


My lovely Mother-in-Law turned 85 this year, and to celebrate all of her kids and some extended family will be getting together to celebrate this fabulous milestone. It’s going to be great to see her and my Sisters-in-law (and family) again, and get a chance to meet some other family I’ve only met via these here internets, particularly Tom’s cousin Sue, a long-time reader of this blog and as a result probably already knows me pretty well! The trip means I can check another State off my need to visit list and following the trip east we’re going to spend some more quality time down in our home-away-from-home Cannon Beach. Really looking forward to it all!

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3 Responses to Apples and Oranges

  1. sue says:

    So looking forward to the birthday celebration and meeting you, as well as catching up with the Perkins family. I will be bringing my ipad, and you can play with it if you like! I too have had an iTouch for years. My phone is a Droid, but I was really curious about the ipad. My bff is an admin for a law firm and they got a great deal on ipads and she offered (Ed) to get one for a good price. It was my Christmas gift and I.Am.Hooked. Even though I hate Apple for costing us megabux to replace Connor’s Macbook after he spilled iced tea on it!

    • americanuck says:

      The trip is coming up pretty quickly too! Yay!
      I’m guessing the iPad is just a giant iTouch in a way right? Which would come in handy for this ol gal trying to squint while playing games (first world problems) heh. I do love my iPhone though, the size is perfect for me, Tom’s phone just seemed BIG even without a case on it. I’ve got an Otterbox Defender on my phone which of course makes it bigger BUT if I had a Galaxy S2 LTE like Tom’s add an Otterbox and it would be too big for my hand. I man-handled a lot of different phones before I made the decision then jumped into it. Don’t regret it a bit!

  2. sue says:

    And yes I feel like I know you. After all, we drive the same car!

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