Reach The Beach – Spring 2013 trip (Part two)

I love Cannon Beach. I cannot say that enough, I love Cannon Beach.

To me that place is like salve to a wound, perfection in a few square miles, my true happy place. Yeah I love Cannon Beach.

I was ecstatic that we were going back. That said, I’m not a very good morning person and our first flight back to PDX was at 6ish in the morning, what the heck were we thinking! We’d prepped for the early hour somewhat by having water and a muffin purchased to take along and eat at the airport. We weren’t sure what would be open when we’d get there and we’d done the bulk of the packing the night before, but still, in the words of the great Dr. Johnny Fever it was “heavy early.”

Rental car returned we hopped the shuttle, checked-in for our flight, and then quickly devoured our muffins with water. No coffee! We needn’t have worried about food options it turned out, there were plenty of food places open; however, it was good planning anyway juuust in case. Back through security (and another naked scanner) we found ourselves at the gate and not having to wait long for our flight. Once again, I was stressing over the connection which was less than 45 minutes from our scheduled landing to take-off. If we had to do another flat-footed run through that airport I wasn’t sure I could make it (and also have a chance to pee!) Happily though, this time the gate for our second flight wasn’t far away from where we landed. I love it when that happens.

Through the magic of east to west time-travel, we arrived in PDX about the same time we left MN and in perfect time for lunch. I had requested Panda again cos I am totally in love with their orange chicken and we maybe get to eat there like once a year. It is an easy sell to Tom cos he’s the one that introduced me to Panda in the first place and we don’t have them here in Canada. Tom had done his research and found a few options around the Portland area as well as a few more DSW stores to try to find one more pair of his fave shoes to put away, and heck, I really wanted a new purse. I don’t need an excuse for a new purse.

We found one location which had both in the same strip-mall, Tom struck out on the shoes but we did have a good lunch. The Panda fortune cookie shot is a must-have tradition now.


We still had some time to kill before we would be able to check-in to the Surfsand in Cannon Beach so we entered another DSW address into Peggy the GPS which the last store had kindly called and asked them to put a pair in Tom’s size on hold. To our surprise it was a location that we’d tried to visit our first night in Portland, but the place had just closed. All must-have shopping tasks done we headed for the coast. I set up my iPhone on a windshield mount and captured the road-trip on a time-lapse using an app called “Lapse-It” kinda fun to do actually!

All that travelling over essentially a weekend and the early hour of departure coupled with the time difference was taking a toll, but we decided to unload the car of the joint suitcase (for leftover items) and the extra individual suitcases we’d left parked in the car in Portland for this leg of our trip, then head over to the Lumberyard for our favourite chili-mac for dinner.

This stuff is truly delicious as evidenced by Tom’s expression haha


We were both way too pooped to do anything more than admire the scenery from the balcony on that first evening, but boy we were both glad to do it. We’d missed this place!


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