Wonderful, Wonderful – Spring 2013 Trip (Part three)

The first morning we crawled from our Tempur-Pedic impressions like bears from hibernation, and treated ourselves to breakfast in a little place in town. We really miss the Dooger’s breakfasts since they shut down their place in Cannon Beach; they were so close to where we stay and they didn’t charge ridiculous prices for bacon and eggs. It drives me nuts when some places charge more those than for a dinner.

We vowed we’d be keeping no schedule and would spend as much time walking the beaches as we wanted, and that we did. We made a point to walk down and say our hellos to Haystack Rock before heading in the opposite direction for a change. We figured we’d wander back through the various streets on President’s row and check out some of the beach houses. We’re thinking we’d like to rent one on a future trip, especially one of a longer duration. The prospect of a full kitchen and laundry facilities one of the main drivers because, MAN that sand gets EVERYWHERE. There are some adorable beach houses  of various different sizes, and due to the town being only a few square miles, every house is reasonable walking-distance to the beach. I can’t wait for the day we get to bring a dog there.

We’d decided before we left for North Carolina that we’d only be bringing our point & shoots for this trip. It just wasn’t worth trying to heft the big cameras through two airports as well as the rest of our gear. I have to say though, I missed having it. Sure we didn’t have the best weather every day, but there were definitely shots I missed because I didn’t have my beloved Nikon. Ah well.  This trip was more about the memories, so snapshots instead of being all arty.

Speaking of dogs, my reputation as the “dog whisperer” continues, as the dogs of Cannon Beach flocked right for me to say hello, as long as they were the sociable types that is. I swear I must send out some kind of happy dog-lover vibes they can sense, but I’m glad of it. It is one of the few times I get can a good doggy-fix.

Smile for the Camera:

This charming little fella found us on one of the streets in Presidential row and then started to follow us. We were both looking around trying to figure out where he actually belonged when someone working construction on one of the houses noticed and called for him. I was tempted to smuggle him home he was that adorable.



No matter where you go there, if you can see the coast, you can see Haystack Rock and it is beautiful no matter what direction you’re looking from.

Once we’d had our fill of wandering the side-streets, we walked down Hemlock Street which runs North-South and is the main drag through town and home to my favourite jewellery store called “The Golden Whale.” I picked up three more silver rings to add to my collection.


After relaxing for a while we set out again, this time with our waterproof cameras in-hand to see what the tide-pools had in store for us.


It was slim-pickins it turns out, not enough of the rocks had been stripped of the sand so far this year, so there wasn’t much life easily accessible.


So we goofed-around instead (big shocker!)


The wind had picked-up considerably, as evidenced by the tangle that my hair became!


And then there was the traditional pose with the beach access lady, haha!


We capped our first full day in Cannon Beach with Pizza from Fultano’s (mmmmm, why can’t we have a good local pizzeria back home?) and a glass (or two heh) of wine.


Best thing was, we still had 4 more days to enjoy.

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