An Ocean of Memories – Spring 2013 Trip (Part four)

The second day we awoke to cloud with tantalizing peeks of sunshine, but the day definitely showed potential. When we first set out, there was more grey than blue, but as we walked further down the beach that all changed. I love how fluid the weather is there, you can have SO many different experiences, even within an hour.



This particular day we walked back down towards Haystack Rock and beyond. We wanted to check out the rental options in the Tolovana area of town, and see what the ‘hood was like, as we’d never really toured the streets there either. The further down the beach we walked, the more blue sky peeped through the clouds.


It turns out there are some really cute places down on that end. Tom, for some reason thought that would be the “dodgy” end of town but I didn’t think there was such a thing in Cannon Beach. Walking through, it seemed the much more residential area and a lot less touristy. I’m totally up for staying down on that end of the beach, it is quieter for one thing (the further from the rock, the less people) and I can pretend we’re more like locals than tourists. A girl can dream right?

We saw a couple of yards with bunnies hopping around, just like here, I’m guessing there are people who decide having a rabbit isn’t fun a few months after Easter ‘cos they don’t look like wild rabbits to me.


Our curiosity for the neighbourhood fed, we walked the remainder of the way back to our place on the beach.



We then sat and watched the sun begin to set while relaxing on our balcony. I could so get used to doing that!


Not a totally flawless sunset, but again, we were expecting rain pretty much the whole time according to the weather forecast. I love it when they’re wrong!


It was such a great idea to take a step back and take so much more time to just walk the beach rather than getting back in the car and touring around to other places in the area. The days seemed to pass much more slowly and it was a much more laid-back trip in general. We still had a couple more days and usually at that point in previous trips we felt like we’d barely arrived and the day we’d be leaving was already looming on the horizon. Lesson learned!

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