Never Can Say Goodbye – Spring 2013 trip (Part six)

Whoa! Two posts in one day! I’m on a roll here! The final instalment from our recent trip to Cannon Beach.

The Saturday, we had rain, so we took advantage of the turn in the weather and drove down to Wheeler and poked around the antique shops there. I found nothing, or rather I found nothing that I absolutely needed to buy, but plenty I wish I could have. Wheeler is a small town on the Nehalem river which boasts a hotel, a few storefronts and a couple of antique shops. One in particular the “Old Wheeler Antiques and Collectibles” I adore for their collection of Art Deco. The entrance is ENTRANCING for those who love Deco, he has an amazing collection of lamps in pristine condition there, none of which I could justify buying. Boo! Ah well, it is always fun to admire them.

When we got back…well we walked the beach yet again! This time a welly-walk so we could take some more videos of the waves with the water-proof cameras and not worry about getting soaked.


On Sunday, our last full day in Cannon Beach (boo again!) it was once again raining, but as I’ve said, rain does not stop us!


As I ate my breakfast, I had a visitor watching me through the wet glass hoping I had something to spare.



Even in the gloom this place is beautiful.


The tide had tossed a lot of flotsam onto the beach, including plenty of bottles. We kept checking them out to see if any of them had a note tucked inside, but no dice.


We noticed at one point a complete feeding frenzy going on over a piece of wood. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a piece of a boat with all kinds of sea-life attached to it. We wondered if it was some tsunami debris from Japan.


Looks kind of like piece of a boat - Cannon Beach high-tide debris


We wore our old runners on long walks and tried to avoid getting them soaked, but by this point in the trip mine were gross anyway, and I was expecting to toss them on the trip so I sloshed through the run-off rivulets coming from the shore and Tom went around them or leaped over them!



The clouds began to part as the day eased into late afternoon. Tucked away back in our suite, I mounted my iPhone to the sliding-glass window and set up a time-lapse to capture the movement of the sun, clouds, ocean and people passing outside. Sigh, the place is breathtaking.

Neither of us felt like anything too heavy for dinner than night, we made a quick run to the store in Seaside and had sandwiches for dinner, finishing up the last bits of our wine stash. Sadly, it was time to start our trek back home in the morning.

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