Sand Dunes and Salty Air – Spring 2013 Trip (Part five)

Another glorious day in Cannon Beach, starting with some morning clouds (some kind of ominous!) but they were eventually blown away by the ocean breezes and left us with plenty of sunshine.


We opted to walk to the extreme north end of the beach this day, which means unless you’re willing to cross the Ecola creek, you need to take a detour through the end of town and cross the bridge and then cut back over to the water’s edge. I have no idea how deep the shallowest end of the creek is, but there are some sneaky waves that course up from the ocean even in what looks like fairly shallow waters.


On that end there are a lot of sand dunes covered in brush which called for me to climb them. I am miserable at climbing in sand but did it anyway. Turns out if we’d just headed further down the beach, there was a much easier way to get up there. Figures!

But climb them we did and then scampered over the top to get the best views of the north, and then back south towards Haystack Rock.





I slid my way down the hill getting my shoes pretty much entirely filled with sand (those skids are mine) and Tom followed…


ending with a flourish:


Aaaaaand, then we got silly again.


What’s new?


This was as far as we could go north without hiking up into the hills (as if!) so we grabbed a couple of pictures, then started back.




Tom, once again the bird-whisperer, made a new friend: the crow. This crow followed him for quite some time. It wasn’t as fond of him as the duck was at the bird sanctuary, but they did seem to make a love-connection.


Our return stroll was through town and we grabbed lunch at the other pizza place in town called Pizza a’fetta.



We both agreed it was good, but also agreed we preferred the pizza from Fultano’s. We’d heard from a number of people who live there that they prefer the other, but to each their own right? Either way everyone’s happy, something for everyone.



We relaxed for few hours, then headed back to the Lumberyard for dinner. Mmmm fish


…followed by an evening walk, where we struck gold. We got a perfect sunset.




Can we just move there already?

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2 Responses to Sand Dunes and Salty Air – Spring 2013 Trip (Part five)

  1. sue says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for the virtual trip!

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