Balls in the Air

I am married to a juggler. A club joining club carrying juggler.


Yep, it goes back a ways. Also? once a ham always a ham!


I am also the daughter of two jugglers.

I cannot juggle.

My parents tried to teach me – that, along with the harmonica – and I failed miserably at both. I am just not coordinated. Then Tom tried to teach me, even bought me balls for my Birthday, or Christmas, or something. No dice.

Many years ago, 7 to be exact, Tom also tried to teach Sean to juggle at a local park. I’m afraid the juggling gene ended with my parents. Tom keeps saying that it is because we gave up so easily, but I know my weaknesses. Sean maybe gave up too soon. Yeah I will blame him. Gosh he was so little then!



See…he seemed to be getting it…


Then the show really started.


Show off!

This was back in the days when Sean was pre-braces (and jaw surgery!) and yet another bad hair year for me. Tom looks pretty much the same as he does now, well, maybe with a darker beard.


Fast-forward 7 years give or take a few weeks to last Sunday. I’d wanted Tom to take his juggling clubs somewhere and perform for me so I could take some pictures. We’d been waiting for the right weather to do it, and this past weekend was the start of a stretch of good weather. Tom suggested we go to Garry Point park in Richmond which was perfect for having some very large open spaces.

We almost had to find a plan B because the lot was full and plenty of people were still circling to find parking, but Tom had an idea and found a small parking area down a side a few blocks away. It was perfect (other than poor Tom having to carry the clubs in a less-than-perfect bag) as we got a bit of a walk in. We also got to see some pretty cool cows called “Belted Galloway” cows, which we’d never had seen had we not had to park over there. This guy, er gal, obviously wasn’t into her picture being taken.


Once we found the perfect spot (Tom wanted to be near the water) he proceeded to warm up. Didn’t take long and he was back at it like a pro. I took a few pictures while standing up and quite a few laying on the ground shooting up towards him.


This is how it looked to me:


And then he threw one at me…




Okay, not really AT me…BY me heh. All for show of course. My ham!

People were watching as they walked by, some moms pointing the juggler out to their kids. Another guy with a camera was shooting pics of Tom too, and one little kid, aw it was so cute, he stage whispers “awwww WOW!!” He then rubber-necks for a while and watched captivated, then Tom suddenly stopped. He looked crestfallen and started to walk away. I mentioned his audience to Tom, who gamely started juggling away again, but the boy had wandered off already and was no longer watching. Ah well.

Tom juggling in Garry Point park #richmond #talent #juggler #juggling #fun

In any case, it made me think about the other places it would be fun to have him juggle. Like at on Cannon Beach at sunset. Him all in silhouette, Haystack Rock to one side. We’ll have to remember his clubs next time we head down!


All the heartthrobs juggle. Think I’m kidding?

I rest my case.

Keep those…

or clubs, or whatever.

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