Eyes on the Prize

Like most people, I occasionally enter contests and don’t win, or enter draws and don’t win, or buy raffle tickets and don’t win, you get the picture. I have some friends who are on the other end of the spectrum, where they win *something* almost every time they enter, even if it is something small.

I remember years ago, I bought a ticket to a draw at my then workplace and was SO excited to be notified that I’d won a prize. It was literally the first time I’d won anything. The draw was being held by a neighbouring department, I don’t remember why exactly, but some of the prizes were pretty nifty. I do recall that I had my eye on a clock and was hoping that was what I had won. When I showed up, I was handed a bag of Starbucks coffee beans.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t ungrateful. In fact I thanked them profusely and walked back to my desk cuddling my bag of coffee beans and wondered what the heck I was going to do with them. First of all, back then I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker (a fact that floors the coffee lover in me now) and second of all, I didn’t have a coffee maker at home, never mind the grinder needed to do something with those beans. Also? I kind of hated Starbucks coffee. Anyway, the perfect solution presented itself, I re-gifted the bag of beans to our floor’s coffee-room and everyone was happy.

Then I had a pretty big dry spell, other than winning my husband (awwwwww) yeah, but that doesn’t count. Then I had a small turn of events. I was notified I’d won a travel mug from BC Lotto. Now you might ask what the big deal was about winning a coffee mug, but for me it was something other than a bag of coffee beans. If fact, I named a photo album in Facebook just that “Prizes that AREN’T a bag of coffee beans.”

See: I’m not kidding you…I was excited…


Of course my darn oldest son “borrowed” it one day and it never returned *sob*

But, a corner was turned. Something that I would actually USE (for a short time *glaring at you Chris*) and liked!

Next came something that I treasure immensely. I am a day one, hard-core fan of SouthLAnd the now sadly cancelled excellent Drama and as such a fan, I happened across other like-minded wonderful folk on Twitter. Through them I heard about a fan-based discussion group that talked after show nights. I really didn’t show up very often for those because a.) We saw the show 10 days later when Super Channel aired it after TNT saved from NBC’s idiocy and b.) I wasn’t very good at staying on topic and the guy running the thing was a wee bit of a control freak. Anyway, in the beginning when I was behaving myself I won a jacket, some of the swag the control fre… um guy had been given by the network as a fan site. I followed the advice of a fellow “Southie” and had the pull-over jacket tailored into a full zip jacket and I loves it.


Then one of the gals had a little contest to guess the number of fans the Facebook page would get before the start of the new season in Jan 2012. Booyah! I won again. This time was an autographed t-shirt signed by John Cooper himself; Michael Cudlitz. The t-shirt was a big dress on me, but I wasn’t planning on wearing it anyway. I bought a t-shirt frame at Michael’s and it sits among my other autographed cool things.


Then in a little while later I freakishly won $100 in gift certificates for a local mall from our town’s tourism marketing site. I can’t even remember the circumstance now, though it was through Facebook…Anyway. Score! I bought the bazillion dollar sheets that were also on sale that feel like buttah and now feature a “Tommy Stain.” Not that it stops me from using them.

In May of 2012 I retweeted a contest put on by the Canadian Red Cross and yup, you guessed it, I won again. This time it was a first-aid fanny pack signed by Biff Naked. Which I then tweeted about with this pic…


And got this response. Hee.


Then I guess I’d had my fill. That is until this month. I saw a photo contest posted by Future Shop asking for submissions and the prize was a Samsung Galaxy camera. Five prizes up for grabs and I won! I was asked to use it, take pictures, hashtag them #mygalaxy and post them on social networking sites, then write a review on their site (not on my blog) Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



So take pictures I did. Best of all, I took a whole bunch of them while on a last-minute “Hey Tom’s got a surprise unofficial long-weekend let’s just go to Cannon Beach” trip. I didn’t take my big camera, I wanted to give the new baby a good run. Problem was, being all touch screen it was REALLY hard to see the menu stuff in bright daylight, and sometimes hard to know what you just took a picture of because framing was difficult in the glare/light especially wearing polarized sunglasses. I eventually cranked the brightness up to max which helped a little, but drained the battery.  So for snapshots okay… point and click and hope. I also constantly accidentally turned off the camera with a stray finger/palm or activated an app the same way. I will probably get used to that over time. It made me realize though, that  I will always, always, want buttons. That is other than on my smart-phone (iPhone in my case) which is smaller, lighter, and doesn’t have a giant lens that pops out when you hit the wrong thing! Heh.

I said basically the same thing in the review (with a few more added points) but perhaps a little less conversationally, BUT, I’m nothing, if not honest. Um… camera manufacturers, I would be HAPPY for you to actually send me free stuff to review. Pentax? Canon? Nikon? Leica? Hasselblad?! Helloooooooo?

Now I’ve said it a million times before, I love cameras, so seriously, other than winning, you know – money, this was the prize for me. In the end, it will never replace my fave cameras, but as a camera/gadget, it is pretty cool. Would I have bought it myself? No, but that doesn’t mean I’m not jazzed to have it.

Here are a bunch of shots taken with it in a slide-show:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are a couple of shots I took with my Canon Elph. I just think it does a nicer job, I can see what I’m framing up to take a picture of, and… it has buttons!


IMG_0339 (2)

IMG_0333 (2)

And these, cos they make me laugh. I love Tom!

IMG_0408 (2)

IMG_0409 (2)

See? Prizes-Shmizes, I really am a winner.

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