Move it on Over

One spinal MRI and a follow-up Neurologist appointment later, I’ve found out that I’ve got some osteoarthritis in my cervical spine at a couple of different vertebrae and as a result some compression on the sack around the spinal cord in varying degrees. The Neurologist said that it happens, wear and tear, age, all that good stuff. What’s weird is: I have no pain, well not in my neck anyway. The good news is the spine moves out-of-the-way of any of the bulges and until there isn’t room in the canal to keep moving out-of-the-way, there is no need for surgery and no damage to the cord. There is still plenty of room and I am no worse off than the average person with this condition, and no more likely to require surgery than the average sufferer either. It is just a matter of watch and wait.

As for the weirdness I’d been experiencing, he says it is likely some kind of positional irritation which caused the compressed area to inflame and provided the pressure to give me all those weird symptoms and once the inflammation was gone, everything should subside and then go away. So I’m guessing maybe it was all those hours in the small classrooms staring up at overhead presentations that did it? Not sure. All I know is I will follow my doctor’s advice and try to not keep my neck in any extreme up or down position and hopefully that will be the end of all that. If I need surgery one day years down the road, I will deal with it then. In the meantime, he says IF the symptoms get worse or even more so if they were to return and stay (not be intermittent) to come see him again, otherwise, I’ve been cut loose.

His advice on the B12 though was spot on the mark. I feel SO much better with energy levels and my thoughts are clear as a bell once again. On our trip to Cannon Beach I heard a song I hadn’t heard in decades and I knew just about every word, a couple of months back I was having problems naming things in front of me. I have to admit that scared me the most, because I am a very sharp person and the way things seemed to be slowly degrading, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever feel “normal” again. He says it’s likely I have a mild absorption problem, and as long as my levels stay up above 300 with the vitamin pills, I can stick with them rather than shots. Not a problem. Who knew how important a VITAMIN could be? I mean I know you need them, but I had no idea being deficient in one would lead to so much trouble. One side (benefit?!) to all this, is that my lady business (sorry, TMI I know…BYGONES!) has returned to normal once again, or rather it has for the last two months. I had pretty much NOTHING for going on a year. I had thought I was done, but nope, not yet. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but obviously, not only was my nervous system affected by the lack of B12, so was my red blood cell level!

In any regard, life, I’m happy to say – goes on. I’m looking forward to positive changes in my life, enjoying the moments, and not worrying about the unknown.

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