Tomorrow Comes Today

It seems every other post lately begins with me exclaiming about how long it has been since I last wrote in here. Soooo consider that part over and done with.

I have to say though, I’ve found myself spending less and less time staring at my laptop screen these days. Work plus an hour plus commute each way and all I’m capable after post-work chores and  dinner is staring slack-jawed at the TV while it squawks at me until I’m tired enough to go to bed. I also know that my energy level is still not where it used to be and when my brain starts to make a buzzing sound after work it just wants to be entertained.

As my brain needed entertainment in the television off-season, we’ve been spending a lot of time watching our DVD set of Homicide Life on the Street. That is a series that missed  my radar back when it was on the tube, but ever since I got into The Wire and started reading the book that inspired the Homicide series (Homicide a Year on the Killing Streets by David Simon) I just had to get the set. Much to my happiness it turned out to be a damn good show. Hooked me right from episode one which doesn’t always happen with me, though typically I try not to judge a show by one episode unless it is glaringly bad. We’ve just finished the last episode and there is still the wrap-up TV movie yet to watch. I’m feeling a little melancholy it is almost over as I’ve come to be fond of those characters, but it will join the rotation of shows we re-watch at some point in the future. Not the same as they won’t be new to me anymore, but re-watching always adds another layer of subtleties we may have missed the first go around.  Have to say though, I highly recommend it to anyone who may be on the fence about watching it.

There was a little excitement going on in the Kitsilano hood I work around, a movie called Tomorrowland was filming scenes at the Planetarium (AKA the HR McMillan Space Centre.) I was momentarily excited when I realized that it was a George Clooney movie, but then I read these scenes would be his character as a boy so the excitement waned. I stalked the location as they were setting things up and took a few pictures of the props that were yet to be put in place and hoped to take more on my lunch hours, but they banned photography once they started filming, Boo hiss! I’m guessing as they rented the location they had every right to do that if anyone was standing on the property, if you shot from the street you wouldn’t have had much of a view anyway. I heard that Hugh Laurie was on set though I never did see him myself. It was rare they were filming when I was able to head over to that area and eventually I just gave up. Ah well.

We grow our crabs big here ;) #vancouver #crabzilla #HRMacMillanSpaceCentre #explorebc

To accommodate their filming they removed the poor old crab from the fountain. A sign said he was on vacation, though vacation meant sitting behind yellow tape in the corner of the parking lot. They replaced it temporarily with these metal homages to dandelion fluff sculptures.

#Tomorrowland #movieset Some spiky ball things in the fountain where the crab usually resides  #yvr

I saw poor old crabby was back in his old spot once again this morning, bet he’s got some laundry to do.

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