My Favourite Place

Last month, Tom and I decided once again to take a fairly last-minute trip to Cannon Beach. I’ve been working a contract job with no official holiday time, but they were super understanding and flexible with me taking a couple of days and tacking them on the Thanksgiving long-weekend.

So with the time officially booked off,  off we went. We have never been to Oregon in October, the latest we’ve been there has been the labour day weekend. We were fine with whatever Mother Nature would throw at us weather-wise. We know the beauty of a coastal storm and we were more than willing to see what one of them looked like later in the calendar.

Good old Mom had other ideas though, she threw us a sunshine party. Each and every day but for a few hours here and there, it was sunny and mild. In some cases we’re talking WARM, like walking on the beach in shirt-sleeves warm. There have been summer days we weren’t able to do that. On one of the days even TOM was in shirt-sleeves, and HE is Mr. Frosty!


We’d come prepared with rain boots and heavy jackets, but spent most of the time it was cooler dressed in fleece, except maybe around sunset when it turned a bit colder.


We met new doggy friends…


That guy and his friend were hysterical. They were running around madly, so much so that they’d run blindly into your legs at top speed. Tom learned to open them slightly and they’d shoot straight on through.

Then there was this Corgi:


He was so enamoured with Tom he wrapped himself around his legs, literally.

We walked the beach from end to another, but not all at the same time. We took pictures of places we’ve taken plenty of pictures before, but we don’t care.

20131012_123505 (2)

Because they’re all memories.

20131012_114951 (2)

We ate at our favourite places…

Like the Lumberyard with their awesome chili-mac.

And found the strangest looking fish washed up on the beach.


We saw plenty of puppy parents, wishing we were among them.

20131012_125352 (2)

And saw a different sunset each night, but this one from the first night was my favourite


We start to miss the place, even before we leave it.

20131012_124150 (2)

And once again we find ourselves counting the days until we can go back.

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4 Responses to My Favourite Place

  1. sue says:

    You’ve succeeded in making this one of the places on my bucket list!

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