Doctor My Eyes

I can’t remember if in the many years of writing in this here blog, if I ever mentioned how grossed-out I am about eyeballs. I mean I can’t touch em (my own included), I can’t stand to look at eyeball surgery on the TV, real or fake and I cannot, CANNOT, listen to people when they talk about their lasik eye treatment.

When my eye doctor told me that I was developing early onset cataracts, I was horrified cos that means eye surgery while you’re awake. They’d assured me though, that it was still a long ways off, so that made me feel a bit better. Still, they’ve been keeping a closer “eye” on me the last few years because they noticed that I had an odd shape in the back of my eye that could indicate future glaucoma. I took a field test each year, I sailed through the eye puff test. Well more like my results did, I still leap back in the seat like I’ve been shot until they manage a good one. Regardless, no glaucoma and I’d go away for another year.

This year my Optometrist  asked me if I’d ever had a baseline glaucoma test, I didn’t know what it was, so that was her answer. She referred me for a full work-up by an Ophthalmologist which I then promptly forgot about because they take a while to call you. Appointments were finally booked for field test, an OCT (optical coherence tomography) so they can look at the retina in optical “slices” and then finally an appointment with the man himself.

The first couple of appointments were in and out, easy-peasy the last one was looooooooooooong, partly because he was running late from being on rounds or something and partly because I’d already been warned it could be 1-2 hours long. There was some more pre-tests done with some eye squishing (aaaack) after numbing drops were put in something was poked against my eye. I didn’t feel it or anything but I could SEE it and the distortion that comes when someone pokes at your eye. *Shudder*

When I finally met with the doc he asked a few questions then launched into the results, saying that he was very glad that I’d been referred to him, then he proceeded to show me the pictures of my eye and the narrow angles I have, more so one than the other. He said it would continue to get worse until a possible acute angle glaucoma attack.  On the positive side, my pressure is still good, no looming attack as yet, but still, that is the road I was heading down.  He said he recommended surgery as soon as possible (not urgent, just necessary) for something like a laser irodotomy, where they laser holes in the tops of your retinas to allow for proper drainage of the eye fluid, prevent a build-up and pressure and you know, possible sudden blindness.  EW. holes.

The idea of eye surgery does not thrill me, in fact it scares the crap out of me, but I will suck it up. What is the alternative?

Oh yeah he also said to avoid getting my eyes dilated before surgery either because it could cause an attack. Eep I just had that done not that long ago! The literature said that the iris could be sucked into the canal! SUCKED!!?!?!?!?!

So anyway, three days before my birthday is my surgery. I’m going to be a complete baby about this, even when most regular surgeries don’t bother me a bit.

Oh yeah, and the cataract surgery? Not so far away after all. Another preventative treatment is to remove the lenses to avoid them getting thicker and pushing the iris out even further. But that’s at least another 5 years away.

To paraphrase Indian Jones…Eyeballs; why did it have to be eyeballs?!


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