A Change Would Do You Good

Well 2013 brought with it a lot of changes and a few firsts…

  1. One kid moved out, the other… remains *side eyes*
  2. Blackberry out, iPhone in and never looked back. I am now an iDrone.
  3. I went from being an unemployed bum to an employed bum (hey working doesn’t mean I have to be energetic outside of work hours right?) It’s for a great company too, so booyah!
  4. I grew back my commuter legs, all those years of mostly transit softened me, but a couple of weeks out with the crazy Vancouver drivers and I was back baby!
  5. I started the year with low energy, forgetfulness, all wobbly, numb and twitchy to mostly normal thanks to B12 megadosing (seriously folks GET YOUR B12 checked.)
  6. This here girl graduated from her first post-secondary program ever. I feel all edumacated.
  7. Tom and I went from being, well frankly, lazy couch potatoes to regular walkers just about every day we have off.
  8. We went on a couple of spontaneous trips, and by spontaneous I mean not planned for months which is kind of different for us.  Even better, each trip we had awesome weather! Grabbing the gusto people!
  9. We got to see Tom’s family, and I  finally met Sue who’d I only met through electronic means up until that point. I added another State to my States I’ve visited list to boot.
  10. I became a convertible driver, though I’ve yet to put the top down cos…brrrr.
  11. I stopped drinking diet coke and thought I’d miss it, but I don’t. Water, coffee and the odd glass of wine are pretty much all I’ll imbibe now.
  12. I won a camera for my photography (a first!), and I got another (mirrorless!) one for an early birthday present. My name is Belinda, and I am a camera addict.
  13. I voluntarily went on a ferris wheel-ish type thing (enclosed mind you)
  14. We got off the ferry and into the towns on Bainbridge Island and Bremerton. At least now the mystery is gone.
  15. I read an owners manual. Gasp!
  16. SouthLAnd ended despite our best efforts and begging. Waaaa!
  17. We mainlined the entire series of Homicide: Life on the Street and OH MY GOD how did I not watch that when it was on the air? At least with The Wire I had the excuse of no HBO.
  18. I found out I need to get my eyes drilled and it’s happening in like 8 days *whine whine*

There are more I’m sure, but my aging brain can only bring back so many memories for this post.

So to you, my loyal reader (I know hardly anyone ever reads this thing) I wish a  Hap-hap-happy New Year!

I leave you with, as is tradition… our year in pictures.

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1 Response to A Change Would Do You Good

  1. Sue says:

    Yay for number 9, and boo for number 18! Wishing you and Tommy the best for 2014!

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