The Sweet Escape ( Arch Cape Escape – part 1)

I’m going to have to write this post in pieces or I will seriously never get it done!

We started formulating the idea of a January trip to Oregon towards the end of 2013. It seemed the ideal time, when most people aren’t taking time off work. Also, we’d never actually been to Oregon during “storm watching season” aka “the weather sucks, so lets spin that to a positive season.” Ha.  We’ve seen our share of sudden weather changes in the past, so a dramatic storm would make for some interesting times. We were all for it.

We planned a week’s adventure, and looked at our various options for accommodations. We’re very loyal to the SurfSand resort, but a weeks stay would either require a shit-ton of luggage, or somewhere with a washer-dryer. Factoring in the likelihood of getting soaked walking on the beach in the winter, we opted for a rental home. Tom did a lot of research and found a place in Arch Cape, just a little further down the road from Cannon Beach.

Yeah it wasn’t in the town, but that had its positives and negatives. On the positive side fewer people on the beach, almost a private beach in fact, on the negative side, if we wanted to go to Cannon Beach we’d have to drive. Put into perspective a ten minute drive to town was nothing and we’d have an entire beachfront house at our disposal for less than it would cost for a beachfront suite.

We drove to Everett on the Friday after work and spent the night. We’d done it before and it certainly broke up the drive down, not to mention shortened the time waiting to cross the border.

Still, the next morning we took our time, had breakfast then started on the journey to Oregon. After a few stops for necessities, you know, like wine… we made it down to Arch Cape as it was getting dark. The property manager had emailed us the address and directions to the house, along with the code to access the lockbox where the house key was, but when we arrived the house was in total darkness. Due to the incredible privacy of the house (and the accompanying shrubbery) we couldn’t even use the street lights to help us find our way down the path. Thank goodness for flashlight apps on cellphones! After a bit of fumbling we were in the house and quickly unloading the car.

We made out way out to the yard just in time to catch the remaining light after sunset and get an idea of what our view was going to be for the next beach. We were NOT disappointed in the least.


The house, decorated in your typical beachy shabby-chic, was fabulous. It was HUGE for just the two of us, we closed off the one side of the house with the two extra bedrooms and didn’t bother turning the heat on in there. The kicker though was the window-seat. I would spend pretty much any moment we were inside, where there was still enough light for a view, sitting in that window-seat. It was a VERY smart thing for the owner to install.


Wouldn’t you be spending as much time in there as possible? I would be there right now if I could be!

Just to the right of the nook was the sliding door to the deck. We would have spent more time sitting out there but the chairs were rarely dry enough and face it, Tom is Mr. Frosty.


Now, here’s where it gets weird. We fully expected it to be crazy cold and stormy the entire time we were down there, but, other than the first day where we had a sprinkle, it was dry the entire time. Sunny and WARM. In JANUARY!
The moisture on the chairs was due to dew (heh) for the most part. If we’d put them further out in the sun they would have dried.


Sunny! Warm! In January!

More later.

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2 Responses to The Sweet Escape ( Arch Cape Escape – part 1)

  1. sue says:

    Anxiously awaiting part 2!

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