The Sweet Escape ( Arch Cape Escape – part 2)

There is nothing like being at the ocean to soothe the spirit, at least as far as I’m concerned.

It was such a nice thought to know we had a whole week stretched out in front of us, in space enough to stretch out IN. We’d never rented a house before, and if we had anything to say about it, we would always rent a house. Sadly though, not practical, mostly because many of rental houses only rent by the week and we can’t always pull off a week away. Even if they did rent for a few days at time, it seems like the good ones (like ours was) get booked-up pretty far in advance, especially in your more typical beach seasons, unlike January.

The first morning, we had a leisurely breakfast then headed into Seaside to grab a few necessities from the grocery store and visit the antique store we’d found on previous trips. This place is a treasure trove for military stuff (for Chris) and run by a super nice couple. The store is fantastically organized too, not ramshackle as some are and the owner’s price things very fairly.

While I was waiting for the owner to finish up with another customer I spotted this framed article. The sticker placement was fortuitous, as I always call Tom’s antics behind me in photos as ‘Tom Bombs’.


When we got back to the house we unloaded the booty and headed back out to take a walk on our beach. As our house is poised up high on the bluff, we strolled down to “Sally’s Alley” one of the local beach access pathways.

P1190066 (2)
We discovered pretty quickly that at high tide there wasn’t much of a beach, not like Cannon Beach for sure anyway. Though there was a strip of sand after a row of rocks between the ocean and the shore, the waves would randomly push the water right to the rock line. Fine if we were wearing boots, not so fine wearing sneakers. We quickly abandoned the idea of a walk there after making a run for the rocks more than a couple of times. No knock on the beach, because it was lovely, but we were used to being able to walk a beach no matter what the tide is.

We decided to take a drive down to Cannon Beach and do a little more shopping instead and then had dinner at The Lumberyard, one of our favourite restaurants in town. We were sad to discover though, that they had taken our beloved Chili-mac off the menu! The waitress informed us that yes, they’d done some retooling on the menu, but they had both the chili and the mac n’ cheese as separate dishes. We decided to order both and split them which turned out to be a LOT more food than the older appetizer but still delish.

We got back in time for what turned out to be a spectacular sunset. We pulled some chairs up on the deck and settled down to watch it.

It did not disappoint.

P1190116 (2)


The weather continued to amaze us, other than a very short sprinkle the second day it was warm and each day seemed to get warmer.

We checked the tide tables and set out for a walk on our beach. We chose to go ‘left’ and found that it was probably the shorter of the two directions walking room-wise.




We then spent a little relaxy time in the window seat (I told you we spent a lot of time there when inside!)


But we were dying to say hello to our old friend Haystack Rock. We hopped back in the car and found parking in one of the day lots. It was strange to be driving to Cannon Beach, we are so used to just stepping out of our hotel and being right there. As much as I love the solitude and privacy of the house in Arch Cape, I’ll admit I missed being right IN Cannon Beach. Conflicted!

I think Haystack Rock missed us as much as we missed it. Well, I’d like to think so anyway.




We had dinner at our fave pizza place in town (though we now know why most of the time people do take-out) and took our left-overs home for the next day’s lunch. Yum.

As we were down for a much longer trip than our typical longish weekend, we didn’t feel as strong a need to spend every second near the beach. Bonus for me as I love to visit the town of Wheeler and poke through the antique stores there. There are two of them, one more an antique mall and the other, ohhhhh the other! Old Wheeler Antiques is a marvel. It is full of the most spectacular Art Deco accoutrement known to man.


All I know is, if we win the lottery I am backing up a U-Haul to this store and buying everything in sight.

Then Tom found this bar and I think I fell in love. I weeped a little inside to leave this behind.



The clouds and light were so funky at that point I walked down to the water’s edge and ventured out onto the dock. Only so far though because I am NOT fond of floating docks. I shuffled my way down and hugged a pole while Tom walked to the end. Ah I wish I was that brave! There is only so much I will do for a good picture yanno?


Of course, no trip down south will be complete without a trip to Tillamook.





Sadly, they still don’t have bubblegum (damn them for retiring that flavour!) and didn’t have my other fave, but yanno, I made do. ;)

Then we looked for cows. I LOVE cows.

You can tell right?

As I turned back I realized I had been so enchanted with the cows, I had walked through quite a bit of mud. Then Tom pointed out that it was, in fact, something other than just mud.


Um, so we stopped at a patch of grass where I did my imitation of a dog after doing its business (wipe, kick, wipe, kick) and we made a stop at the grocery store…



On the way back ‘home’ we were treated with yet another gorgeous sunset. We caught the tail end of it, as we were passing these cool rocks I’d wanted to photograph in the past. It was too late to set ourselves up in the perfect spot, but beautiful just the same.


Gotta run! Part 3 next time.

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