Belltown Ramble – our quick trip to Seattle

It seems like all I’m posting about here these days are the trips we take. Seriously it isn’t all vacation round these parts, I swear!

When we do grab just a little time off, Cannon Beach is a wee bit too far away. Seattle though, we can pull off a few days there without too long of a drive. I’ve had a few people ask me why we go to Seattle, when we’re not hardcore shoppers. In fact, someone said recently they didn’t think the city was very pretty. I disagree completely. Sure there are parts of any city that aren’t ‘pretty’, Vancouver included, but there is a lot of beauty in Seattle and I love a city that embraces public art the way it does.

We’ve only seen part of the city, though we’ve spent plenty of time walking around it. We tend to stay around the Seattle Center area to stay away from the downtown core. An eclectic area to be certain, but reasonable walking distance to the waterfront along with Seattle Center and a couple of our favourite places to eat.

This past trip though, unlike the previous ones, the weather didn’t cooperate. It rained most of the time, but being hearty souls (despite Tom’s ice-cream face – inside joke) we still did plenty of hoofing around, just with caps and hoods on. My picture-taking was limited to pulling out my phone every now and then.



We did get a few breaks in the drizzle though.



And Tom made a new friend.


One of the highlights for me though, was spotting these amazing glowing flowers outside of the Pacific Science Center through the window of the Sport restaurant. We made a bee-line for them after dinner and had a blast playing with them. They’re called ‘Sonic Bloom’, awesome right?




Aaannnd we ate pizza at The Rock. Yeah chain food again, but we like it!


We still keep hoping to run into our favourite busker, but the last few trips he’s not been around. Maybe we’ll see him when we get down again this Summer.

The best weather was going to happen on the last day we were there, so we’d planned on taking the ferry ride over to Bainbridge, but we made the mistake of not parking near where we had just checked out of and attempting to find parking near the ferries. The one garage we found had an attendant you had to hand your keys over to AND your car was hoisted up to the rafters in a crazy claustrophobic space. Considering we had all our luggage in the car, including some personal electronics, we waved the guy off and decided to take a pass on the ferry this time around.

Call us paranoid, I’m sure he was trustworthy and nice, but no.

If you’ve never been to Seattle, you must. Do it!

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