Faithfully – (Two trips, one post)

Okay, according to my last post, it wasn’t all vacations around here.  Well, this post isn’t going to support that statement very much because I haven’t written a thing since the LAST vacation and we’ve been on two since then, whoops.

The first one was back in April. I’ve been keeping flexible about time off due to some unknown timelines on something I’m working on, and when an opportunity to take some time off comes up, it could be fairly last-minute and if Tom can swing it too? We are outta here.

Where did we go? Well Cannon Beach of course! It was an extended long weekend really, five days, but five days in our favourite place is better than none. We lucked out weather-wise too, apart from the day we arrived (which was POURING) and the day we left, the weather was mostly mild and sunny.

Arrival day

Due to the rather last-minute nature of our trip, we didn’t get the beachfront suite booked, rather the Ocean front room which doesn’t have the panoramic views, is a room not a suite and is set back from the original building. Not a deal breaker but boo. When we checked-in though, we asked if there were any cancellations. There weren’t, but they were able to give us a beachfront suite for a few days and then do an in-house move to our booked room the last couple of days. We SO took them up on it.

We did lots of walking on the beach of course. On one, we witnessed a marriage proposal (awwwwwww)and were the first to congratulate them as we walked by.

So happy they’re skipping

We also made a friend I named Stomach due to his (typical) endless appetite. He found us every day and demanded chips. Took them right out of hand too.


We’d see him arrive with a dramatic flourish…


And do this until we came out…


He could keep it up for ages.

The view from our second room was nice, but not AS nice and beacause it wasn’t a suite it meant no couch (a much much smaller loveseat) and no separate bedroom. Hardly slumming but we’re used to the space. I know. Wwaahhh.


But yanno, it’s Cannon Beach… we were happy to be there.




We then booked a fairly spontaneous trip to California in June. We stayed in Newport Coast as it was a big place with laundry and we knew we liked it. We hadn’t stayed there without the boys before, but it was nice to have the place to ourselves, we just closed off the extra bedroom and we each had a bathroom which was AWESOME. Close to Crystal cove too, which is very pretty.


But first, we headed straight for In-N-Out. I guess the horse head wearing is a thing.





One thing we now see, is how much more dramatic the waves are in Oregon. Every place we try to go back to always seems to pale in comparison to our beloved Cannon Beach. I spent a lot of time in California for the first few years Tom and I were a thing, so I will always be fond of it, but we’ve made so many new ones in Oregon.

What does make me sad though is the terrible amount of tar on the beaches in California too, mostly up in LA county. We saw (and unfortunately stepped on) tar in Manhattan and Hermosa beaches. We saw traces of it at Laguna Beach too though. I don’t recall ever seeing any up the coast in Oregon. Sad really. One thing for certain is when it comes to California, I’m an Orange County girl that’s for sure. I do love the Newport area and I have warm memories of a great getaway in Dana Point back when Tom and I were dating.

We had planned a couple of amusement park visits, Universal Studios where we had a BLAST!



Then Disneyland (where we DIDN’T). I’d never had a bad experience there before, but the day we went, along with the ride closed for maintenance (Space Mountain) which we knew about, six major rides were shut down, so the other rides had very very long lines. The staff was rude, seriously rude and non-communicative. To top that off, it was grad time and we found out the hard way that all these classes were there on trips. Tons of teenagers without parents = loud and obnoxious in many of them. We left far earlier than intended as we just weren’t having fun. I barely took a photo there.

Still, one black mark on a nice trip.




I’m glad we went, no regrets as it was fun and we had a good time away. If nothing else, it taught us to stick to the place we love and that’s where we’re going to go back to the minute we can swing it. See you soon Cannon Beach, I hope. Cannon Beach: to quote Steve Perry…”I’m forever yours, faithfully.”

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