Ten Years Gone

For some reason I clicked over to this long neglected website this morning and realized that it’s been a few days over ten years ago that I started it. Back then I was so full of enthusiasm I would sometimes write more than one entry a day and now, considering my last entry was December 20th of last year, not so much. In the beginning I blamed Facebook and Twitter, but I’ve been lazy there too lately.

Ah well, I still couldn’t let this auspicious (to me) occasion pass without some kind of acknowledgement.

Ten years ago I was creeping up on 40 and feeling old, now I’m eyeballing 50 and feeling pretty young. Perspective.

Ten years ago the boys were teenagers, now they’re both grown men and make me feel short. To me they’re still kids.

Ten years ago I worked for the same company that I’d been working for since I was 20, now I’m (almost) 2 years at a company that I wanted to work for while I was at my old job. Sometimes things just work out.

Ten years ago we weren’t quite a year in our current abode, now we’re fixing it up to leave it. Three words: I want dogs.

Ten years ago I was driving a brand new Freddy, now he’s Chris’ and still going strong, but parked outside on the street instead of a warm garage. I still feel guilty abandoning him, is that weird?

Ten years ago I was just two plus years into my new marriage, now it feels like we’ve been together forever (in a good way!) I know how lucky I am to be married to my very best friend.

Ten years ago I didn’t realize how fast ten years could go by, now time passing gives me whiplash. Who sped up the world?

So anyway, happy anniversary to that enthusiastic kid from 2005 from lazy ass 2015 me.

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