Newfoundland Rain – St. John’s Newfoundland (Day Two)

Our first full day in St. John’s brought rain. It wasn’t sprinkly rain, it was RAIN rain. We knew the week overall looked pretty good weather-wise, so we took this as a sign that it should be an indoor day.


There were a few things the local Sobeys’ didn’t have so we hopped in the car and headed for Mount. Pearl to the Dominion’s. There are many roads around town that are crazy with potholes it’s even hard to see them when they’re full of water. I guess it was a side-effect of the previous winter. I don’t think it was long before our arrival that the last of the snow melted.


There is where I found what are now my favourite jersey cotton pyjama pants by Joe Fresh. I bought just the one pair at first, which turned into a half-dozen in different patterns by trip’s end. I should mention that I bought another 17 by mail order (half of which are still in packages as back-up pjs). I’ve learned my lesson from Tom, if you find something you like, buy more and keep them! Especially when they’re on sale…

When we got back from our drive, I surfed and read a book, Tom did something completely out of character and took a nap…heh. I can’t even count how many pictures I have like this from over the years haha.


When our stomachs started to growl, we decided to take a walk over to Pi, the pizza place that had served me so well on my last trip (as it was so close to my hotel back then).


Pizza is always a good travel option because a good pizza means good leftovers for lunch the next day…


And any place that has a poster like this is A-okay by me.IMG_5074

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