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Keep Your Eyes on the Hole

When I heard I would need a laser peripheral iridotomy and was informed of the potential complications of the surgery vs. the whole gross iris sucking thing that could happen if I didn’t get it done, I did the standard: … Continue reading

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Doctor My Eyes

I can’t remember if in the many years of writing in this here blog, if I ever mentioned how grossed-out I am about eyeballs. I mean I can’t touch em (my own included), I can’t stand to look at eyeball … Continue reading

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Move it on Over

One spinal MRI and a follow-up Neurologist appointment later, I’ve found out that I’ve got some osteoarthritis in my cervical spine at a couple of different vertebrae and as a result some compression on the sack around the spinal cord … Continue reading

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This Is My Now

So I finally saw the Neurologist, but getting there was a tad frustrating.  As with most specialists, the appointment was booked months in advance and I didn’t realize that they wanted me to confirm a week in advance, oops. Still … Continue reading

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Inner Tube

Well that was interesting, my first MRI. I’ve been happily mostly major symptom-free since just after my birthday which was a pretty craptastic day as it turned out. I was hoping that everything would have resolved before then, but whatever … Continue reading

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I am not even sure if it is related, but my eye started twitching back towards the end of August. It was annoying to say the least but it wasn’t like I’d never experienced an eye twitch before, or any … Continue reading

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The Waiting

Over the past several months I’ve alluded to, but never specifically talked about, a stressful situation our family was going through. It has taken a while, but I’m finally at the point I can talk about it, mainly because it … Continue reading

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