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Keep Your Eyes on the Hole

When I heard I would need a laser peripheral iridotomy and was informed of the potential complications of the surgery vs. the whole gross iris sucking thing that could happen if I didn’t get it done, I did the standard: … Continue reading

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A Change Would Do You Good

Well 2013 brought with it a lot of changes and a few firsts… One kid moved out, the other… remains *side eyes* Blackberry out, iPhone in and never looked back. I am now an iDrone. I went from being an … Continue reading

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Doctor My Eyes

I can’t remember if in the many years of writing in this here blog, if I ever mentioned how grossed-out I am about eyeballs. I mean I can’t touch em (my own included), I can’t stand to look at eyeball … Continue reading

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Bop Boppin’ Bumble Bees Buzzin’

There are times I need to remind myself to close my purse. You know, when I’m walking though a crowd or when it’s pouring rain. Most of the time though, I walk with the zip gaping open for ease of … Continue reading

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Hole Hearted

I recently started a new job at a place and I’m lovin’ it. Now I have a policy about not writing about work, which I will continue to live by, but this particular thing that happened to me while at … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize

Like most people, I occasionally enter contests and don’t win, or enter draws and don’t win, or buy raffle tickets and don’t win, you get the picture. I have some friends who are on the other end of the spectrum, … Continue reading

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