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Tomorrow Comes Today

It seems every other post lately begins with me exclaiming about how long it has been since I last wrote in here. Soooo consider that part over and done with. I have to say though, I’ve found myself spending less … Continue reading

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Balls in the Air

I am married to a juggler. A club joining club carrying juggler. Yep, it goes back a ways. Also? once a ham always a ham! I am also the daughter of two jugglers. I cannot juggle. My parents tried to … Continue reading

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My Back Pages

Living in beautiful Metro Vancouver, there are plenty of opportunities to play “Tourist in your own town”. Tom and I try to hit up different spots, either to do a photo-walk or just enjoy the scenery and get some exercise, … Continue reading

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Apples and Oranges

Well turns out the MRI didn’t rule anything in, or rule everything out for that matter. On the positive side the majority of the neurological annoyances have subsided once again, and I’m just happy to get most of my dexterity … Continue reading

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Lay A Little Sunshine On Me

I took my camera on what I suppose was its inaugural run, while out for a walk with Tom last week. Up until now it seemed every half decent day weather-wise was already spoken for by school, errands or what-have-you. … Continue reading

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Sunny Hours

When we were at English Bay Tom noticed the silver waving sculpture across the water in Vanier Park which turn out to be another of the Biennale public art pieces. I’d been reading that they’re starting to be taken down … Continue reading

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Garden Party

It seems that Mother Nature is doling out the sunshine one eye-dropper-full at a time so far this year. So! That means when we DO get some decent weather AND we are able to (read Tom has the day off) … Continue reading

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